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The Doppelgänger

2 Chapter - 225 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 43 taken-The story is currently being written

A story based on the game Ultimate Werewolf.
It's from the Seer's POV, and the story differs slightly from the game.

    I looked up from my crystal ball as I heard a knock. I quickly flung a sheet over the glass sphere and walked briskly to the door.
    Willow was standing there, fiddling with her belt. I rolled my eyes.
    "Willow, if you've come to try and bribe me to see what ability I got this year, it won't work. Go away."
    "Selena, wait! You have to come to the square. It's the Cupid Ceremony. So everyone has to be there, including you."
    "Fine. But I still hate it."

    I grimaced as I took my place standing on the outskirts of the crowd. This ceremony is always pointless, anyway.
    I turned my head slightly and gasped.
    The Doppelgänger was back.

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384 days ago
Nice story! I like it
505 days ago
Oh my goodness, werewolf is so fun! I didn’t know there was anyone else who would actually know about it that I’d find
It’s not that common
524 days ago
The Doppelgänger xD
the best D E N G L I S C H