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Brookhaven RP - Roblox

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Roblox lovers (I'm assuming?)! This is a simple read that explains some things in Brookhaven RP. Personally, I love it, what with the secret agency and hiding places and all.
But there are some simple things that YouTube videos just don't teach.
Consider this a noob tutorial.

Beginning The Game

You will spawn around a fountain, near some swings, a pool, and across the road from the Grocery Store.
The first thing you should do, in my opinion, is to customize your avatar. There are heaps of choices, better ones than other games, and even though some are Premium, there are still loads of good ones to choose from.
In the outfit section, the icon in the middle is premade outfits for different jobs. To the left is the 'female' clothes, and to the right is the 'male' clothes.
With the top button on the right, you can choose your RP name, bio, get a kid, find a job, and even change up the map a bit.
Then find a house. You can teleport to any free one, tap 'Vacant,' and select a house. Make sure you're happy with your choice because you can't change the house for 10 minutes.
Explore the house, maybe find a few hiding places, then go explore the outside world.
In some servers, you can make friends, but in others, everyone speaks Arabic. And trust me, that is super annoying (unless you speak Arabic).
Settle into Brookhaven, keep exploring, be adventurous, and don't be afraid to do something… abnormal.

Bye for now! ;P

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whoa this rp is cool
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I willonly continue this if ppl actually like it so pls comment