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Tekken Fanfiction

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About a fighter named Yuma

Yuma is a 17 years old student, he is walking to school then he saw a secret trail to somewhere, he follows it and follows it. And it ends at a huge temple and he saw a sign beware of ogre's! Then he comes in. He explored and saw a soul without getting danger.
When he is going back ogre's appeared and he escaped outside, when he is on his way he saw a sword, he grabbed the sword and fight the ogre's and when the all the ogre's died
he combined the ogre's blood and the sword and the soul, his sword became powerful when he saw the way out, when he is running to the way out another ogre came in front of Yuma. It was Ancient Ogre! He fights with him and then he survives then he comes out.
But when he comes out of the temple a helicopter arrived there was Kazuya and Heihachi in it they jumped out of the helicopter and attacked Yuma and Jin saved Yuma. After that they have a tough battle, during the battle Yuma escaped and Kazuya and Heihachi said I will get revenge next time! Then things got peaceful but suddenly Heihachi started a tournament to get Yuma to fight with him. Many people participated (except Jin) and many people lost against Heihachi except Yuma, Yuma and Heihachi battled and Heihachi lost the battle, then things got peaceful and suddenly Heihachi disappeared.

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