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Sonic in Farrytalla

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Part 1

    Sonic woke up. He was in some kind of forest. It wasn't knotholes forest. He didn't recognize anything. Sonic stood up and looked around. Where was he?

    Then, there was a tap on his shoulder. Sonic spun around.
    "Agh! Who are you!" He asked
    The figure stepped back. "My name is Robin Hood. And you are?"
    "I'm Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog. What is this place?"
    "This is Sherwood forest." Robin said. "We are lucky you came. This world needs a hero."

    "Hero? Me? I mean, I'm used to being a hero. But..... what makes you so sure?" Sonic asked.

    Robin pointed up to the sky. "You fell out of that black hole. A prophecy says something similar to 'a hero falls out of the sky."
    "Oh. Okay. Don’t mind me asking. But isn’t Robin Hood a boy?"
    Sonic could see now that she was a girl. A cute one too.
    "Robin was my father’s name. I just inherited his skills so that's what everyone calls me."
    "Oh. Cool. So, what’s this hero business about?"

    Robin led him to the edge of the forest. There was a poor looking town and a giant stone castle.

    "This is Nottingham." Said Robin. "It is ruled by king John. But everyone calls him Scourge."
    "That name sounds familiar..... so ..... is he the one who needs a butt-kicking?"
    "Yes and no. Our first obstacle is the sheriff."
    "The sheriff of Nottingham. Or Knux. He is the son of Merlin and Morgan LeFay."
    "The most powerful."
    "So why do you call him Knux?"
    "Because of the spikes on his knuckles. He is one of the most powerful persons of all time."

    "Sweet! When do we get started?"
    "Not so fast!"said Robin "You will need help. We have to find five others to defeat him."
    "Great. Just the thing I need to slow me down. Who are they?"
    "Well, there is King Aladdin, Thor, Lakkitu, Percy Jackson, and Cinders-Ella.

    "That many! Pfft! We'll be done by dinner!"

    Robin rolled her eyes. "They are scattered across Farrytalla. It won’t be as easy as you think."
    "Ugh. Fine.Fine.Fine.Who is first?"
    "First is Cinders-Ella. She is closer and the easiest to get. She lives about fifty miles away in the land of Maybe live. If we had sonic speed we could get there quickly. But--"
    "Speed? Robin, speed is my middle name!"

    In about 0.987 minutes, Sonic and Robin had made it to Maybe live.

    "Whoa...th..that was...fast.." Robin said, pretty nauseous.
    "So where do we find this Cinders-girl?"
    Robin pointed to a huge mansion. "In there."

    "Whoa! Cinders must be rich or something!"
    Robin shook her head. "Sadly, no. She is nothing but the slave in this house."
    Sonic knocked on the door."then... how can SHE help us?"
    "Cinders-Ella is close friend of mine. You will see."
    A girl opened the door. She had on old, tattered clothes and dried blood was on her face. Still, she managed a smile.
    "Robin? Oh gosh, it IS you! What are you doing here? Master Lien-da might find out!"

    "I know Cinders-Ella! But this is important!" Robin said

    "I can't do this right now! And- -hey, who's this."
    "This is Sonic the Hedgehog. The hero of Farrytalla."
    Cinders-ella gasped. "The hero? But.. I can't!.."
    "I promise we will help you somehow. Now go!"

    Cinders-ella dashed back inside.
    "What was that all about?" Asked Sonic
    "Another reason why we need her. Cinders has a curse on her."
    To be continued......

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