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Dragon Quest

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You Are A Dragon...

    You are a frost dragon named IceSpike. You are sleeping soundly in your cave, curled up near freezing icicles ready to fall at any moment. You wake up to the sound of crackling and popping. You see a firey blaze entering your cave. You snarl. The beholder of the fire takes a gasp. You stare at the creature, not knowing what it is, you give out a loud growl and the creature runs.

    After that annoying creature left, you try to take another nap. But you can't sleep. You can't stop thinking of that ugly face. "What was that thing?" You ask yourself. You start your journey. You walk out of your cave and unravel you brilliant wings, and take flight. You see the magnificent stars, twinkling from your great beauty. You pump your wings as you soar higher into the sky. The moon shining on your scaly coat.

    You arrived to a big area. Full of weird shapes made of wood. You see people walk in and out of these things. "Is this where that creature is spawned?" You fly closer. Not realizing that the creatures are pointing at you in fear. A sharp blur races across your head. Then another one. Then one pierces your cloak. You feel a sharp pain. You shriek and your breath freezes the things that were shooting you. You fall. Everything goes dark.

    You wake up, unable to move. You try to unfurl your wings, but they are broken. You have lost all hope. Then, one of those creatures, comes by. It is bringing some kind of package. "You look hurt." Says the creature. It opens it's package and grabs something from it. It opens that and rubs it on your wounds. You feel a sharp pain, but then it goes away. Instantly the wounds are healed, and you take flight. You take one last look at the creature, and soar away to your cave. When you land, you remember the creature. "What a beautiful creature." You say to yourself.

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275 days ago
Aw! That's a wonderful story with a great moral!