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Star Gazers

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13 Chapter - 2.735 Words - Developed by:
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After the power stars of the Mario universe suddenly disappear, Rosalina has to go to the Kid Icarus universe and save her own universe.

Rosalina was fidgeting with her fingers, she knew all the Lumas were asleep at this time, but she couldn’t sleep. She looked around her room, the star wallpaper was something a Luma gave her as a present.
She looked at her watch, of course it didn’t matter much though. They were in the middle of space, it was almost always dark unless they were near a star, but they had the power stars as their fuel. She stepped out of bed, her gentle toes tapped the hardwood floor of her room. Her night gown fell down to her feet.
She slowly went onto the main platform of the Comet Observatory, she made sure no Lumas would wake up. She looked at the planet that one of her friends, Mario lived on. She decided to sit down and gaze at the stars.
“It’s so beautiful...” Rosalina whispered.
Rosalina turned around quickly! She saw the power stars slowly shrinking. The Lumas started waking up and hiding behind their loving mother.
“Oh no.” Rosalina yelled as she ran over.
Rosalina was sent back into a bunch of Lumas, a ringing noise in her ear. Everything was black. She got her vision back and looked down at the planet, they were going to crash!
“Crap!” Rosalina shouted as they hit the ground. Fire burst everywhere.

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