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Animal Jam True and Common Scams

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You don't know what a scam is? Scams are where people take your items. Here are some!

    You need to avoid scams. Scams can break you down. I know how it feels, I've been scammed twice before, and almost again! So, here are some scams you probably should watch out for.

    #1: "It's my birthday! Gift me!"
    Never fall for this scam. This is an easy trick to get people into giving free items. When you see someone saying this, DON"T give them items, and if you really want to, give them an in-store unwanted item. Try to remember their username and look for the user the next day. If you see them, and they're saying the same thing, then they are a scammer.
    #2: "OMG! I GOT SCAMMED! GIFT ME!:("
    This is another common scam. People dress poorly and try to look so dramatic that people will gift them. But the truth is, they haven't actually been scammed! Watch out for this one, even your BUDDIES could be lying if they do this. Don't give them an item, just say: "I'm sorry." And walk away. If your gut tells you that they aren't lying, do the same thing, even if you feel bad after.
    #3: "If you buy from my shop, you get a free_______!
    (In the blank space, put a rare item)
    This is a common scam. If you tell by their clothing, then they might not own this item and haven't ever. Go to their shop and check it out. If you are tempted to buy an item, leave then den asap.

    I will be making more of these soon.


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