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The Rake

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This is a true story that happened like a week ago... I saw the Rake ( Not the Gardening tool).

It all started about two months ago. This was the first time I had the courage to sleep with my light off since a stranger knocked on my window at night. I did not even know what a Rake was back then (besides a gardening tool). I was asleep that night when I woke with an eerie feeling of being watched. I was so tiered because my cat kept me up all night. I opened my eyes and saw what I thought was my dog. As my eyes started to adjust to the light I saw it . . . A gray creature with human shoulders and claws that sort of looked like teeth on its hands. I blinked my eyes but it was still there. It was leaning over my bed and as if watching me sleep. It was not moving but kept it's stair towards me. It's claws were on the edge of my bed but for some reason I felt like it was protecting me, whatever it was. The shadow of the darkness was just covering its face. I saw my cat and dog were still asleep so I figured I was imaging it. I then passed out from the lack of sleep. The next morning I told my friend about the event of the previous night. She showed me a picture on her tablet of the creature. That is when I found out what a Rake was. Now I stay up at night and wonder why it didn't kill me. Why would it show me mercy? Does it have a plan for me and if so I wonder what its plans for me is. . .

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263 days ago
wow. just wow. you ain't dead?
454 days ago
Creepypasta_Lover is right. HOW DID THE RAKE NOT KILL YOU?! The rake ALWAYS kills its victims. Did you ACTUALLY see the Rake?
860 days ago
what is a Rake??? im too scared to look it up
867 days ago
WHAT?! And your still alive?! Did you see him/it again?!