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Two Sentence Scary Stories (by me)

26 Chapter - 783 Words - Developed by:
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Share your own 2 sentence horror stories in the comments! And if you don't like scary stuff, obviously, don't click this.

You get a package from the creepy man next door. He's in it.

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246 days ago
Also im not upset and you did your best to stay here i arrived to late but its not your fault ok
246 days ago
Hey Rebecca its fine i understand what you mean i admit i do sometimes think about you and come back to this website to see if your here and i guess it has gotten a weird hold on both of us im 15 now btw but you were my first girlfriend and ill never forget that but hey who knows maybe one day we can try again or not but all in good time anyway stay safe and live your best life
670 days ago
not being rude or whatever but, may i ask how old are you?
676 days ago
Hey, Samuel, Rebecca here.

I'm sorry. I know apologizing won't change the fact that I didn't respond, and it's ok if you don't forgive me. I broke a promise.

I left the website a couple years ago. I left my whole online life behind because it was kind of taking over my life. Just leaving without a trace was an awful thing to do. I regret it sometimes, but I ran from my past, and I feel like I can't go back. It's been too long.

I'm sorry if you still have feelings for me, but it's been 3 years. It wouldn't feel right starting it up again. Also, I wouldn't feel comfortable with the age gap. I know, it was whatever before, but I would feel really weird about it now. I probably wouldn't be a good match, anyways.

This is the first time I've visited this website in a long time, and I came here out of curiosity. I don't think I'll come back, but I saw your response from months ago (sorry) and felt like I had to let you know. I wish you the best, and again, I'm really sorry for any hurt I may have caused.

(Also, are we the reason it says "this is not a dating site"? Lol)
720 days ago
What is taht. Story
736 days ago
Hi again I'm here and someone say something
784 days ago
here is one

the house was unstable, so were the people. the house collapsed, no one made it, yet the next day they were at the city.
818 days ago
Just say something please😁
818 days ago
Hi again I'll be here until I can't be here
818 days ago
Hi Rebecca guess who
914 days ago
There once was a girl. When she was five she killed her family
1046 days ago
Aurora in the original tale falls asleep, gets taken by the king to an abandoned castle and get😍d, and has two kids ( all while shes asleep ) and wakes up, and she falls in love with the king, and they get married.
1046 days ago
Cinderella's stepsisters cut of pieces of cinderella's foot and put it on their own to fit into the glass slipper
1073 days ago
Naruto x sasuke.
1077 days ago
'Do not blink until you finish reading this. Do not let her get you.'
Me: *blinked the moment I went on the page*
1201 days ago
Omg I've got one:
She looked on the mirror and saw herself. But she never existed in the first place...
1220 days ago
A girl went into the disney world haunted mansion, and came back as a ghost.
1294 days ago
That would be... very unfortunate..
1295 days ago
I woke with a start, only to find myself tied to a pole, on the edge of a minuscule cliff.
1381 days ago
I have not read the book Savager Licker and did not realize that there was similarities as you mentioned. I also understand that some people, such as yourself, do not get scared easily (and that's fine). Keep in mind I wrote these about a year ago, and I know they are not the best. (I agree, "razor sharp teeth" is not a very scary phrase, and it is also used a little too much in writing)