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Dead tomorrow

5 Chapter - 689 Words - Developed by:
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A killer is on the loose with a dark backstory, 3 people are going to find him, Will they make it out of alive?

    Date July 3rd 1998, This is how the story how I got the killer. It was a summer day and a killer called Heart taker was killing people and this got out of hand. Hey Bob have you heard about the Heart taker? No, Why Lance? One day a kid named L went to this school. He was made fun of him because he had glasses. He snapped and killed everyone who made fun of him by carving their hearts out. To this day he is called the Heart taker. That day I used to scare Bob so that's why I told him that story. That is scary Lance, I know right?

    What are you doing Lance scaring my little brother! Tank I'm sorry I was just joking around! We called him Tank because he is buff. His real name is Nick. I know you are Lance come on we are going to be late to school. Meanwhile, Hey those three kids I saw them how they are they can be are 3 new detectives. Sir why?, Because I see their skills are amazing. Fine sir I will call them to the office.

    Nick, Lance and Bob come to the office please. They all go to the office and see a cop standing there. So Henry tell me who are these kids. Yes sir, we have Bobby Dutchman born June 1st 1982 age 16. We also have Nike Dutchman likes to be called Nick. Born April 3rd 1981 age 17. Last is Lance Kohel born November 17 1981 age 17. Why are we here sir?, said Lance. You three will capture the Hart killer. We want him alive. Lance take this. It's a Luger 9mm use it carefully. Nick takes the taser . It has 12 caps. And Bob you take the radio so you can call us.

    Lance said he had to go the bathroom and he went. A girl screamed and the cops and students came to that scream. A girl got her heart cut out and on her arm said I'm watching every step. The cops found lance in the bathroom and said the team is ready. Nick, Bob and Lance came to a house. People said that's where the killer lives. They were right blood was all over the floor. Lance I'm sc sc scared, said Bob. So the killer could hear us, said Lance. What a mess said Nick.

    They found a secret room and they found the killer's diary. It said dear Diary, everything has sucked. People made fun of me for days. The second page said, I have a crush on this girl named Bella I will ask her on a date on Friday. Dear Diary, She said no because I'm ugly how dare she! Tomorrow they die! I killed every single one of them. Dame them Dame them all! Dear diary I tricked them into thinking I went to the bathroom but I killed the girl and no one notice. Dear Diary you've been reading this Bob, Nick well guess what you fell into my trap! No Lance youโ€™re the killer... HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA, Yes Nick. But why?, said Bobby. Everyone made fun of me so I had to kill them. Lance pulls out the gun and shoots Bob and nick in the heart. The monster is me. HAAAAA HAAAAA, Everybody hates me. So do I. I'm sorry for everyone I killed. Lance pulls out the Luger and shoots himself in the head. That is the end of Die tomorrow.

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998 days ago
I have.a grow.you could.of put "" for the people who where talking๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค
1592 days ago
Maya thanks it's my first fan fic.
1592 days ago
Bella,that is unexpected LOL
1596 days ago
Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ this was fun
1596 days ago
That was fun to read!
Btw my name is Bella!!!!!!!!!