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Phantom phanfiction

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This is a short story I was thinking about in bed, this is what I would have done right after past the point of no return. (Also I didn’t sing to Roul how much I love him)

    “We’ve past the point of nooooo reeeeeetttttttttuuuuurrrrrnnnnn!” I finished singing with Erik as he gracefully spun me around to face him. He looked deep into my eyes his eyes filling with tears as he sung the very same song Raul had sung to me declaring his love. I smiled at him grasping his hand tightly and sung back to him “Share each day with me each night each morning, promise me you loooovvve me” He retorted “ Christin I doooooooo” Then we finished our song together “Lovvvvveeeee me that’s all I ask of youuuuuuuu!” I raised my hand up to his face and took off his mask then I plunged my lips into his. We melted into it, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grasped my waist. I could feel everyone’s eyes on us including a dumbfounded Roul, but I didn’t care, all I wanted was Erik. Then out from the audience a yell of rage “ Get your hands off of her!” Me and Erik pulled apart to see Roul running up to the stage with tears in his eyes “Leave her alone!” He screamed taking out his sword. I looked at Erik fearfully but all he did was staring at Raul with a devious grin on his face. “She has chosen, dear boy, it is I she desires” Then Erik grasped my waist even tighter and cut a rope with his sword, plunging us into darkness.

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1262 days ago
So cute! Keep up the good work and make another book! Hope you have a great time!
1428 days ago
Please let me know if I should continue the story! 😁❤️