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The Unexpected

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A series of horrible murders has been going on in the little town of Robertsville.
Who is behind all of it? Is it one of their own?

No one knew who he was and they will never know he is. The only thing that they will know about him, his victims and how they were murdered. No one wo
No one knew who he was and they will never know he is. The only thing that they will know about him, his victims and how they were murdered. No one would expect him, no. Not even his own mother. This was his deep dark secret that he kept under lock and key. The secret that could send him to prison and to the asylum. He didn't even know himself, either. He can be so nice and show sympathy, but at the same time, enjoy the pain that they are experiencing. He just loves pain.

"Now, how will I get my victim? Should I do it when they least expect it or should I do it when they might expect? How will I torture them? Should I do it when they are awake or when they are asleep and then they wake up to pain and just scream?"

He looked out from his hiding spot as he saw a car drive by. Yes, he thought, this is the perfect victim. But as he looked closer in the car he saw that there was more than one person in the car.

"This is the perfect moment." he said as he ran towards a shortcut in the woods to reach the car before it left. As soon as he saw the car in sight, the fun began. At least to him, it was fun.
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------
"Mommy, why is it so dark? You know that I don't like the dark." a little boy asked.
"Johnny, you know that I don't have the power to control darkness." His mother answered.
"Son, there's nothing to be afraid of. It's just dark that's it. Besides we've been down this road hundreds of time and nothing has happened before." His father put in.
"Honey! Look out!" His wife screamed as he slammed on brakes.
"What is it?" He asked as he saw a young man wobble towards them.
"What is it daddy?" The young boy asked in fear as the man came towards them and tapped the glass on the driver’s side.
"Hello, how may I help you." The dad asked as he rolled down his windows.
"Yes, um... my car broke down a little ways down and was wondering if you could give me a ride?"
"Sure, but I've never seen you before. You want to tell us who you are?"
"Tony, and I'm visiting my cousin who lives here. His name is Pete."
"Oh, Pete. Yeah, we know him. Hop in."
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------
That was easier than he thought. Soon, he would knock them out and take their car and drive away, and no one would know what happened until he showed the people the bodies.
He looked at the young boy beside him and smirked at his fear. The boy had more sense than his parents did. He doesn't even know Pete, he just heard someone mention his name. Ha. As they drove in silence for a few minutes, he thought, now is the time.
He leaned closer to the driver’s side and used the piece of pipe that he found and hid in his pocket. He slammed the pipe in the guys' head and then did the same to the woman. Then he turned around and faced the kid as he screamed, then he punched him in the face in the knock out point. He used cloth to cover the wound on the parents' head, so there wouldn't be blood. He put on gloves as he opened the door and walked out of the car. He went to the driver’s side and pushed the man out of the way. He smiled as he drove away, thinking about all the pain that they will be going through.

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212 days ago
I usually post abunch of hate, but this is too good. You have some real potential! Keep being you and keep writing!!!

Much Hate,
Thee No 1 Hater Girl:)
340 days ago
Scary. Super scary!!😶
426 days ago
You should have Johnny go to the bank acting like a civilized person. He says he is a regular guy but when the bank workers least expect it... Or the one where he works at!!!
426 days ago
That was bloody and disturbing yet I want to read about what happened to Mr. Smith. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ON A CLIFFHANGER ENDING! 😥
727 days ago
Omg great story! I'm kinda scared to ride through the woods 😀When will you write the next chapter?
881 days ago
Hey Destiny, I love the books you write please write more I love them.
BTW My name is Destiny too. And you inspire me soooo much!
1005 days ago
I. want. the. next. chapter.
1227 days ago
such good writing! love it.
1371 days ago
omg this a terrible story! Thats a compliment coming from me!! Keep it up!!
1381 days ago
you definately should I love it!
1445 days ago
What I good story good up the good work
1489 days ago
Sry. l've been busy and can't think of an ending. Let me know if you have any ideas
1520 days ago
please tell me how it ends its very good
1659 days ago
Tell me if I should keep on writing this kind of stuff or not.