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This is a horror story about two sisters.

No ever thought...

Grace and Quinn Coffin never fought much.
They mostly ignored each other honestly.
Grace was jealous of her younger sister.
Quinn was the pretty one. Dark blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, and
Just the right amount of freckles.
She also still had the advantage of being ten. She still could have been adorable.
Grace, on the other hand, was just okay. Stormy grey eyes, dyed orange hair, glasses.
Many had mistaken her as a ten-year-old. Not the fifteen year old girl she was.
No one would have thought it would be Quinn. And no one ever will.

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636 days ago
Wow! Amazing story plz write more.
Plz write book 2
981 days ago
1137 days ago
that was awesome and totally creepy! great job!!
1174 days ago
Oh 🚔.
1174 days ago
Creepy!((encur)) Now im scared of scissors.