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The Exchange Student

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Okay, this is actually 'The Glare' but I changed the title. I added one more chapter too and I hope you will check it out.

This book belongs to the genre of horror and romance.

The grip. My ankle. My body and then the inevitable darkness. Feeling the slimy texture on my ankle, the sharp pricks on my body, I stayed silent, too scared to even make a sound. And then what followed was a pair of eyes I saw, a red pair. They never blinked so I decided to blink, hoping I was just seeing things. Blink, open, blink, open. It was still there. Scrap! A sound echoed as I immediately clutched onto my elbow. Who scraped me? Darkness engulfed me as I felt myself being released into water. I held my breath, for as long as I could. Squinting, I could see the red pair of eyes again. What was happening? Who gripped me? What was the slimy thing? Where was I? What was that red pair of eye? Am I going to die? I felt like dying already. Every part of my body was aching as I let out my breath. My last sight was the bubbles in the water. That was all, and I just wanted to go to heaven right then.

Ling! Widening my eyes, it was darkness. Under my hand was a ringing alarm clock I could feel was vibrating. My whole body ached still and I stretched my leg but realised I was in a box. It smelled musty and I felt suffocated. I felt like I was in hell. So, where was Satan? I thought I would be seeing how he looked like if I were in hell. The only thing I could remember was me drowning and the red pair of eyes and my scraped elbow. Struggling, I kicked the box real hard, I used my arms to hit the box until I saw an opening. It was the early morning. Bewildered, I crawled out of the box, still clutching onto my scraped arm. Realisation hit me----I was in a coffin. I was alive. I was not in heaven or hell. I was not dead. Glancing at my watch, I realised it was a Monday, 7.00 a.m---school. As I dusted off the dust off my clothes, I realised I was in my school uniform! Since when did I wear it? Why was I in a coffin? Fear tied a knot in my stomach, sending a chill running down my back. Shivering, I spotted my school bag under the tree and bolted to a nearby subway to school.

As soon as I reached the school gate, a crowd was making a ‘commotion’ in school. Curiosity overwhelmed me as I strolled towards the crowd. “ Don’t go near her,” one of my classmate warned. But, I took a few more steps closer and saw a girl, tall and way too skinny as if she had anorexia. “ She looks like she has anorexia,” I whispered to my close friend--Ester who was standing right beside me. No sooner had Ester nodded than the new girl instantaneously whipped around and gave a glare at Ester and me. The glare was not just a glare. They were red eyes. Red eyes, legit. Red. Eyes. Blood-shot glares. Goosebumps appeared on my arms. Red eyes. Red eyes! Red eyes? The new girl flicked her red curly shoulder-length hair and stomped her way to the principal’s office.

“ That...that...was...ab...absurd,” I muttered to Ester as we strolled along the lockers, heading for the lecture theatre. We felt a firm grip on our shoulders. We widened our eyes in horror as we shivered again. Trying to take a step forward, we felt the grip pulling us back. That grip was the same feeling on my ankle in my… my nightmare? Summoning our courage, we turned around but no one was in sight.

“ Hurry, let’s go!” I whispered in fear as I pulled Ester along, bolting to the lecture theatre. Most pupils were there. Taking our seats, we prepared our lecture books. We were in the first year of high-school.

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1199 days ago
omg i loved this i want to read the next one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
1271 days ago
Very good!😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸👏
1296 days ago
I also corrected Neveah's age...
1296 days ago
Look out for chapter 5! I have made some new edits to this novel including the title.
1297 days ago
ok, thanks, Kaity
143, me too!
1297 days ago
Kaity the adds on my phone stop me from clicking on anything.
1297 days ago
About 14-15 NHYT. I have started to get ads on this website which 🍦i can barely see anything.
1298 days ago
I actually don’t know about the education system... I just wanted to write in the perspective of a person living in the western country...
I’m a chinese from Singapore so I know only the Singapore education system...
Could you tell me the appropriate age Neveah is supposed to be in this story if she’s in the first year of highschool??
1298 days ago
NHYT, is Neveah several grades behind? Cuz she's 17 and in the first year of highschool
1299 days ago
alright then............ it’s okay
1299 days ago
Honestly I think this is great but I’m too freaked to read anymore sry
1299 days ago
The introduction of this quiz has also said it had a little of romance inside( just a crush type of thing) but don’t worry, no stuff about disgusting stuff! i promise!
1299 days ago
Well I didn't rlly skip I skimmed. So I kinda read it. It's rlly good
1299 days ago
I don't usually read horror either but it isn't exactly....
1299 days ago
YAY, thanks a lot. Really appreciate u all who checked this out even though it’s not published yet on the webpage...;)
1300 days ago
Woah woah woah woah woah
1300 days ago
SO CREEPY! I'M SORRY BUT I DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO FINISH READING! TOO CREEPY! you're a REALLY good writer, NHYT. This might be your best fanfic, but I didn't read the whole thing...
1300 days ago
First chapter... creepy. I don't usually read horror...
1301 days ago
Thank you 😊!

1301 days ago
Nice I love how the characters name is Neveah. It's obviously fiction. But its so cool make more!