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One duolingo course at a time-for safety

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A little girl creates a Duolingo account not knowing her memes very well. She signs up with her own account plus 5 courses. Soon she discovers that cute little owl is cursed


Day 1: A little girl name Donnie was trying to learn a new language. She looked and looked until should found an app called Duolingo. She downloaded it and a cute little bird showed up. He said "Welcome to Duolingo! Si pierde una lección. TU MUERES!" Donnie did not know what he said but she continued anyway. She took Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, and Hawaiin courses. She began with Spanish basics. Words like padre and por favor. She got to level 1 in basics and went to Italian. She went on and on until she looked on the clock. It was already 2 pm. She started at 11:40. She shrugged it off thinking that she must have been focused. She was lucky not to get any words wrong yet.

Day 2: Donnie woke up looked on her iPad and went on Duolingo to practice she did a lot of Spanish and she got a couple wrong. At the end of her Spanish lesson, A message appeared saying "translate this" it showed "Un error más y nos llevaremos a los seres queridos." she only knew a couple of words at the time and she understood "Un error mas" which meant "one more mistake." she was confused a bit so she went off Duolingo.

Day 3: Donnie got ready for school and dressed up. she took the I-pad in the backpack for her after school time. She drank up her letter cereal. She did not realize her cereal said "Tu tu tu tu tu tu "

Class: "Good morning everybody!" her teacher said. The day started off with math like 10x5 and 12x8. Donnie continued her math worksheet until recess.

Recess: Donnie went on Duolingo to do a Spanish lesson and a French lesson. She got a mistake in french but passed all Spanish. Another message said "Vous êtes en sécurité pour le moment."

After school: She finished class and did the lessons for each course. She collapsed on her bed tired. She did 1 lesson on Spanish and did badly but she was already napping on her bed instead of worrying.

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191 days ago
Hi, it's Duo. These notifications don't seem to be working. Let's try something else. Miss a lesson, say bye to your house. Miss two, say bye to your water and food. Miss three… you know what.