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Beatles Creepypasta

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    I had just came back from going to my local fleamarket. I had picked up all these cool records. Just when I was about to leave, I saw somebody who had a stand and that person had A huge bin on his counter. The thing that caught my eye was a very vibrant colored album, and right away, I noticed that album was the one and only Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! I then started to get all excited. I love this album quite so and I knew I had to get it. Just when I was about to give the man my money, he gave me a strange, confused look. He was silent for a while before saying,

    “Are you sure you want this album?”

    “Yes.” I told him back. He still was giving me this suspicious look before finally taking my money and handing me the album. I was very excited to listen to it once I had arrived at my house. This album had always been one of my favorites, almost like an old friend. At least, that’s what I always thought. Once I had arrived at my house, I immediately ran to my little record player and put the record inside of it, ready to hear the beautiful sounds of Sgt. Pepper. While the intro to the main song was playing, I was observing the cover art. I noticed something quite odd. The Beatles looked so afraid, Like a huge grizzly bear was threatening them. I suddenly noticed that under the iconic drum in the middle of the album, there were the words help us please. I never saw this before, and what did the Beatles need help with? Then, the song with a little help from my friends started playing. Ringo’s vocals sounded tired and depressed. At the end of the song, I heard him mumbling if only my friends would actually listen to me. It was so sudden. Lucy in the sky with diamonds came on Next and in the middle of a song, I heard screaming coming from many different people. I heard somebody, maybe George screaming on the top of his lungs, get out of the studio, he’s gone mad! George was about to say something else but he was suddenly silenced. There was more screaming still, before I heard Paul crying out what did I do that was wrong? I then heard some pretty evil sounding laughter. Probably the most disturbing thing of all was figuring out that somebody killed George and Paul, or that’s what it seemed, and the person who killed them was actually Ringo. It then felt like Ringo was saying to John, it looks like your little band has fallen apart, and I’m OK with that. Next, you’ll be the one falling apart! I heard more screaming before it was all silenced before Ringo saying, and you, yeah you, the listener. I hope you enjoyed this little record of mine and if you didn’t, you’ll be sorry for the rest of your life, although that wouldn’t be too long. That was then followed by some crazy laughter before the record ended. I knew it was evil, whatever I just listened to. This wasn’t the album I know and love, it almost felt like this version was possessed or something. Whatever it was, I never want to listen to it again and that’s a fact. I threw possessed record in the trash and then ordered myself a non-possessed version of this album. To this very day, I still don’t know why the record was like that. But I know for certain that I’ll never forget it.

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167 days ago
Yes!!!! I loved it!!! Mainly because The Beatles are involved. Thanks!!