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Quitting the curse courses- Duolingo Creepypasta 2

3 Chapter - 345 Words - Developed by:
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I recommend you read the first fan fiction and you will catch up with this. It's called Take 1 Duolingo course at a time

    'It was 5 P.M and a week after That green owl almost took away Donnie's mother. She went on her I-pad to do her 5 lessons every time. She got a couple of words wrong so she immediately took an extra lesson. She felt sick of Duolingo. She decided to delete the app, but as soon as she tried to delete it her I-pad crashed. She when to the home screen again and it had a owl shadow figure seeming to be holding a sharp object. Por favor- Donnie said cowardly. She felt a chill down her spine. She blacked out after that.

    Donnie was in a base, some sort of secret underground base. She looked around and tried to walk away but she did not know until now that she had chains..A small green figure with wings flew down. "Our guest has arrived" duo the owl said slowly. He has a silly American Spanish accident. "Duo, why?" she repeated. "don't you have other kids to deal with?" As she looked around to see kids with tape over their mouth and hands. They looked like they had a heart attack.

    Duo looked over to other kids a while Donnie twisted her chains. She escaped as to jump on the elevator. -end of part 2

    I got lazy so you got to wait for part 3.


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