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Man-kinds Betrayal

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This is a little short story I wrote for English class. My teacher loved it and I thought I could get some other opinions? Some people I know are characters in the story.

    “It will be okay, I’ll be here with you.” That’s what my father said to me when this all began. Let me start from the beginning. One day in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska there was an irresponsible teenager named Ashton. Now Ashton was in a large territory of empty land, he brought his friend Kalin with him, but Kalin knew this was a bad idea. He tried to stop Ashton but it was no use so Kalin just stood back. Ashtons two favorite foods were waffles and noodles. Ashton blended them and created a new substance. He named it “Foodles.”He wanted to test out his new substance so he fed his “Foodles” to a little rabbit he saw running through the grass, and before their eyes, the rabbit transformed into a brain hungry zombie!

    Kalin started to make a run for it but the zombie was chasing him. Ashton was just standing there in horror. So Kalin decided to shove Ashton to the zombie and make a run for it. Kalin couldn’t bear to watch his friend get eaten but he couldn’t look away. He felt so bad afterward but he couldn't stay for long. He has read plenty of zombie books to know that if a person gets bit by a zombie, they become one too. So he started to run away and go look for a heavily wooded area, and that's how it all began. Soon there would be zombies everywhere and people would have to fight for their lives.

    I don’t think I ever properly introduced myself. My name is Grace and I have a mom, a dad, and a very annoying older brother. Since the zombie apocalypse started my family is the only protection I have. Our house got invaded by zombies but luckily we escaped through a window. My dad always has an emergency backpack in the house for any situation and so he picked that up as we escaped. It was a long journey to a place that didn’t have many zombies but we always have to be on the lookout. We were hiding in the woods and the only supplies we had were the ones in the backpack. But luckily, there was food, money, a flashlight, water, a tent, a fire starter, a pot for boiling water, clothing, a first aid kit, and a knife. So, we pitched our tent and stayed put for tonight. I was very grateful that I wouldn’t have to stay up all night and watch for the zombies. Unfortunately, that job fell to my older brother.

    That was a very hard night, it was very hard for me to fall asleep and I almost started crying. I was so scared of everything that was happening. My dad heard me whining and he woke up. He asked what was wrong and I told him what was wrong, that all of this was so scary and so hard to imagine, that just days ago I was living a perfectly normal life, and then it all changed, just like that. He told me he was going to always be there and he reassured me that everything was going to be okay. He gave me a giant hug and told me to get some rest because we had a long day ahead of us.

    A few days went by and every day seemed to be getting harder and harder. We slowly started to run out of food and water, so my dad decided to go to the city and get more supplies with the emergency money that was in our bag. My dad wanted to go alone so that the rest of us wouldn’t be put in danger. But I refused, I wouldn’t let him go alone. Eventually, we all ended up going with my father to look for more supplies. As we got closer to the city, we saw a little supermarket, so we headed inside the store. Luckily, we found all that we needed. As we went to pay, the power got shut off and we heard a blood-chilling moan followed by terror-filled screams.

    My dad yelled at all of us to keep quiet but it was so difficult not to. As the lights flickered on and off, we no longer saw the cashier but instead saw three zombies! We started to make a run for it up the stairs, but it was so dark we could barely see anything! We finally made it to the top of the building but we didn’t have much time to get down. As I looked around there were so many people fleeing from buildings like their dormitory or other stores. My mom told me to stop looking around and find a way to get down from this roof! Finally, something smart had actually come out of my brother's mouth. He told us to slide down the power lines to the ground and that we wouldn't get electrocuted because the power had been shut down. So one by one we all slid down and made it to the bottom safely.

    We found a laboratory while we were trying to get back to the woods and we just decided to hide in there. While we were exploring the laboratory we found two scientists named Dr. Harris and Dr. French. They saw us and invited us to come with them. We agreed and followed them into their lab. They showed us this bright green liquid in a test tube. I was so confused, I had no idea what that was. They told us they had found the answer to curing the zombie infection! We were all so happy but the only problem was, how were they going to get it out to every zombie without getting infected themselves?

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834 days ago
Ok, I'm sure it will be just as amazing as this one. Have fun!
835 days ago
Tysm glad you like it! I'll prob be adding like a PT. 2 when I finish writing the other like parts so be on the lookout for that too!
835 days ago
I love the story! Very creative :)
836 days ago
Aww tysm! Makes me so happy someone likes my writing
839 days ago
Brilliant! I wasn’t expecting the twists! Well done 💚