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Moon Killer

3 Chapter - 733 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 240 taken- The story is completed

Learn about the creepypasta Moon Killer, please make fan art too. Moon has black hair with a white strip her left eye is black and bleeding black blood and her right is red

Moon Killer was a young "normal" girl whose original name was Luna. one day when she was in the forest behind her mothers' house she didn't come back for two days...her mother got worried and called the cops. The cops came and looked through the forest but saw nothing they then searched the house thinking she came home and was hiding but they saw nothing...The next morning around 1:00 pm Luna came to the house and when her mother asked her where she went she said "I followed the tree man into the forest..." her mother didn't know who the tree man was and just thought he was her imaginary friend. for the next few weeks, she would go into the forest and not come back for a day or two and whenever her mom asked why she was gone she got the same answer..." tree man" finally one day her mother ask if tree man was his actual name Luna shook her head no when her mother asked what his name was Luna responded "I was told not to say..." and her daughter a month went by and her daughter was still doing this but one day her daughter came home early "your home...early" her mother said not noticing the girl's eye's which used be brown had turned black. "Tree man told me to go home..." Luna said with a creepy smile. Her mother nodded slowly "right...can I MEET tree man?" her mother asked Luna shook her head no.

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