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To go or not to go, RUN

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A regular kid walks home from school with his friend. A black van behind. And two people inside. What could go wrong? (This is my first non-poem on this account! 😁)

    The bell rang and it was time to go home. Lucas usually walked home with his friend Colt but today he was busy and he had to walk with Justin for Justin it was the same situation as Lucas but with is best friend Linten. Linten had plans with his girlfriend Yola. Don't get him wrong they were friends. Well back in second grade but its seventh grade now. Lucas became friends with Justin's crush Shannon. Justin got jealous. Justin wasn't fit. He probably couldn't sprint even if his life depended on it. Neither was Lucas but he could run.

    "Oh, Hi Justin." Lucas said gritting his teeth. "Hey Lucas." Justin said while he gripped his backpack strap. "Let's get going." "Yeah." They started walking down the concrete pathway down the cross-walk into the Rainbow Ville neighborhood. Silence fell upon them. They were about 1/4 of the way there when Justin noticed a car behind them. The car didn't pass them. It drove behind them slow and steady. "Uh Lucas, something is sus about the car behind us..." Lucas looked at Justin. "Yeah. What is their problem?" Lucas turned around and waved at them looking into the windshield. They just stopped the vehicle.

    A man hopped out of the passenger seat with some candy. He had a hoodie on, and a quarantine mask on as well. He approached Lucas and Justin. "Hey kids. Want some candy?" He showed them a bag of gummy bears. "Oh um no, thanks." Said Lucas. Justin reached his hand out to take a gummy bear. "I gue-" Lucas grabbed his wrist. "DON'T-" He whispered. The man smiled with mischief. "Those are a safety hazard!" Lucas told Justin. "You could go to the hospital! Or worse die!" "Do you want a gummy or not?" "Stop exaggerating Lucas." "He doesn't want one sir." Lucas told the man. "Very well..." The man's face turned dark and grim. He got back in the van.

    "LUCAS! I wanted one!" "Those were filled with poison!" "Ha sure." They started walking again. Once they made it to 2/4 home they noticed that the van was still there following behind. Along with a blue truck. "Uh Justin why are they still here and now with backup?" Justin looked behind him. " good question! I don't know! I'm scared." The van rolled down a window from the passengers side. "Eat a gummy. Your headaches will go away forever. You will get magical powers." Said the man. "No thanks. Will you stop following behind us?" Asked Justin. "No. Eat a gummy bear or else." The man snarled. "No. We don't eat candy. We are on a diet." Lucas told the man. "They are gluten free, sugar free, fat free, poison free, and vegan friendly." The man stuck the bag out of the window. "You should be good." The two boys gave each other nervous looks. " we already told you no. Now leave us alone." "Not until you take a gummy. I will give you each five bucks if you do." "Stop we are good." The man pulled out a phone and dialed a number. "Go or not to go, WE GOTTA RUN JUSTIN!" They ran as fast as they could.

    Then the blue truck came speeding towards them! Lucas heaved Justin could barely breath. HONKK WHAMMM! The truck plunged into a minivan parked on the side of the road. The van wizard past and then blocked the sidewalk bringing them to a subtle halt. "Eat. A. Gummy bear. Or else." The man revealed a AK-47 gun. Lucas and Justin took a gummy and ate it. "Good. Heh heh heh heh." Then drove off.


    By the time Lucas made it home his heart rate was speeding. More out of terror than from running. The man. The tone to the man. Person next to him. The blue truck. The stalking. Everything about it was horrific. He remembered Justin about to grab a gummy. When then the phone started to ring.

    Lucas picked up the phone. "Kid." It was the man. "How did you get this number?" The phone book. Heh heh heh heehh." "Um I gotta go." "So soon? We just started to chat. He he he heee" Justin hung up.

    Then the phone rang again. Except it was Justin. He answered. "hello?" "Hey. Wasn't that creepy?." "yeah. I just got a call from him, Justin." "Weird me too."

    "Lucas," "yeah?" "did you uh... Eat the gummy?" "No. I threw it behind my head. What about you?" "Same." "Phew." And they both lived long happy lives.

    Thanks for reading. The gummies is real thing. I'm not joking. If you don't want to be creeped out or your a kid don't look at the words below in ( ) ok please put a like and comment on this please only nice comments please!

    (Some kid way back ate a gummy bear and went to the hospital. And recently two people at some game ate one or two and got really sick. Only in very rare cases do people die. so don't take food or candy from strangers. But still eat food and candy and live your life! Have an amazing week)

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72 days ago
@olivia Thank you!!!! I am very glad to hear that you like it!
82 days ago
Good book☺. 💜💜💜
174 days ago
And wizard on chapter 5 is a typo and it was supposed to be wizzed but I have a stupid autocorrect that corrects real words into another.
174 days ago
Sorry if my stories are too creepy and dark. I will try to come up with a happier one soon. If the whole world was depressed then we wouldn't have a fun world would we? I need suggestions and some sweet thoughts my writing. I try my best to keep you guys entertained so please no negative feedback. Have a good week! 😁