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A Frozen Nightmare

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Ashton and her best friends Lila and Maria go on a ski trip, but their fun trip turns into a scary huge disaster!

    “Maria, hurry up and put your bag in the trunk! I’m ready to go!” Ashton said irritated. “Would you stop rushing me! Who’s stupid idea was it that we go on a ski trip anyway? I don’t even know how to ski!” Maria said in anger. “Maria, would you stop complaining? Ashton was nice enough to pay for me and you to go on this ski trip, besides Ashton and I will teach you how to ski.” Lila said, rolling her eyes.
    “Whatever but if I get bit by a polar bear I’m suing.” Maria said. “Ummm Maria…. I hate to burst your bubble, but polar bears are not in Maine.” Lila laughed. “Whatever! I just hope we see cute guys.” Maria said smiling.
    “Maria, we will not be around people. It will just be the 3 of us and nature.” Ashton said. “What! Oh, well, I just hope you two really know how to ski and not lying to me.” Maria said, chewing her bubble gum loudly.
    All 3 women got in the car and Ashton drove off heading to Maine. Ashton, Lila, and Maria had been best friends for 5 years. They even went to college together, and they hung out a lot. After the girls graduated, they wanted to do something fun and go on a trip.
    “So how long is it going to take for us to get to Maine?” Maria asked in the back seat. “About 8 hours and 52 minutes.” Ashton answered. “WHAT! My legs will be stiff by the time we get there!” Maria complained. “Maria, Ashton will stop at different places for us to eat and go to the bathroom. We won’t be in the car the whole 8 hours.” Lila said in the passenger seat, looking back at Maria.
    “Oh……well, I will just put my headphones on and listen to some music.” Maria said calmly. During the ride, Ashton stopped, so they could eat and use the bathroom. “So Ashton, how many times you have been to Maine?” Lila asked. “My grandparents used to take me once a year until they passed. Because I haven’t been in a long time, I just had a feeling to go. I miss the cold weather. Maine is really beautiful and relaxing.” Ashton said.
    “Next time we go on a trip I’m picking.” Maria said smartly. Ashton rolled her eyes and continued driving. “So Ashton, are you still with Duke?” Lila asked. “Girl no. After all his lies? I’m tired of him lying about stupid stuff. He lies too much and if he lies about little things, imagine if he is lying about our whole relationship, plus I had a feeling he was cheating on me. And I can tell when Duke lies. He starts sweating, looking from side to side, stuttering, and scratching his ears or head. He is so obvious.” Ashton said, shaking her head.
    “Dang he’s that bad? Well, I’m glad you dumped him.” Lila said slapping her a high five. “What about Anthony?” Ashton asked Lila. “Anthony is a bully. He talks to people in the most hateful way and he is so disrespectful. He even screamed at me and called me names before. I’m not going to date a bully and hot head.” Lila said. “Well I understand that. You will find better.” Ashton said to her friend.
    When the girls finally arrived in Maine, they were shocked at how beautiful Maine looked, almost like a winter wonderland. The trees, the roads, the houses, everything covered in beautiful white snow. “Just look ladies, it's just the way I remembered. Just breathe in that fresh air.” Ashton said letting the window down. Maria started coughing.
    “Let that window up. I don’t have on none of my winter jackets, and I don’t need a cold.” She said in a selfish way. Ashton was getting tired of Maria complaining, but she let the window up. “So are we going to a cabin or something?” Lila asked.
    “Yes, I rented a cabin for 2 weeks. It was $200, my grandparents and I used to rent that same cabin. It's a little rusty not the best looking, but it's good enough to stay in for a few days.” Ashton said smiling. “I hope it's not dirty and ugly.” Maria said, folding her arms. “How did we ever become friends?” Ashton said, rolling her eyes.

    When they finally got to the cabin, Ashton and Lila started grabbing the bags in the trunk. “MARIA, GET OVER HERE AND HELP US!” Ashton said getting mad. “But I just got my nails done, with real emerald stone on it!” Maria said, pulling her shades down looking at the whole leaned against the car. “Get over here! Your bag is the heavy!” Lila said, frowning.
    Maria huffed and puffed hard and when over to help them. The girls closed the trunk and walked to the cabin surrounded by snow and trees. They could even see the mountains not too far from their cabin.
    “This is really beautiful Ashton, but it's so cold out here.” Lila said. “My nose is starting to run.” Maria said still complaining. “Maria just stop! Your nose was running before we even got here!” Ashton said, turning around and staring at her. Maria looked and got quiet.
    When Ashton opened the door, she smiled still seeing the cabin looked the same. “Just how we left it.” Ashton said smiling. “Yeah dusty, rusty, and stank!” Maria said, frowning. The cabin had a fuzzy rug, a fire place, leather sofas, deer heads, a huge bookshelf, and it smelled like pine trees and cinnamon. The girls walked in and looked around and sat their bags by the door.
    “Are these real deer?” Lila asked. “Nope fake.” Ashton answered. “These are a lot of books….AHHHHHH!” Maria screamed. She went to get a book from the bookshelf and a moth flew on her nose. “HELP, GET THIS THING OFF ME!” She screamed. Lila laughed. “Maria, it's just a moth.” Lila laughed.
    “I DON’T CARE ITS ON MY NOSE!” “Maria, just fan it away. Moths don’t bite or harm people.” Ashton said fed up with Maria. Maria fanned it away and Lila whispered to Ashton. “Next time let’s leave her home.” “Right.” Ashton said annoyed. “Okay girls, let's go to our rooms and put our things away, and then I will grab the ski gear from the closet, and we can put on our jackets and boots and go ski.” Ashton said. After putting their things away, Ashton went in the closet and grabbed all the skis.
    She grabbed the purple and black ski set for her, the pink and black ski set for Lila, and the lime green and black ski set for Maria. “Okay Lila and Maria, I have the ski sets. Are ya’ll ready to enjoy this trip?” Ashton said happily. “Why do you have to have the purple one? I want the purple one!” Maria said with an attitude. “Maria, does it matter?” Ashton said annoyed. “Yes it does. I like to ski in style.”
    “Maria, you don’t even know how to ski, so what are you talking about!” Ashton said heated in anger. “Whatever keep the stupid purple ski set I will get the lime green.” Maria said, snatching the ski set. Ashton was fed up with Maria’s negative attitude, she wanted to tell her off, but she tried to hold back.
    Ashton told both Lila and Maria to make sure they dressed warm and had 3 layers of jackets, pants, and socks on because it could get really cold, but Maria had her earphones on not listening, but Lila did as Ashton told her to do.
    Ashton, Lila, and Maria then headed outside and started walking up the snowy hills. After 20 minutes of walked Ashton told them they could stop and rest a little and then continue to walk. The place where Ashton and her grandparent used to ski was actually a whole 30 minutes away from the cabin that was the safest place to ski so that they would not crash into a tree or the cabin.
    After some more minutes of walking, Maria started getting tired. “When are we going to get there! My feet hurt.” “MARIA, WHY WOULD YOU WERE THOSE CROCS! I TOLD YOU GOOD TO WEAR SNOW BOOTS OR RAIN BOOTS! THOSE CROCS WILL NOT KEEP YOU WARM AND YOU DON'T HAVE ANY SOCKS ON! ITS 40 DEGREES OUT HERE ALMOST 30 DEGREES!” Ashton screamed.
    “Well, I don’t have any snow shoes and I don’t like the way they look!” Maria said meanly. “I don’t care Maria if you don’t like the way snow boots are made, they help your toes stay warm!” Lila fussed. “AND WHY ARE YOU WEARING ONLY 1 JACKET AND 1 WOOL HAT! YOU DON’T HAVE MITTENS OR A SCARF ON! ARE YOU TRYING TO BE A HUMAN POPSICLE?” Ashton yelled, worried about Maria.
    “Whatever, can we just go and ski and go back to the cabin? It’s not like we will be skiing until night, so who cares what I wear!” Maria shouted. Ashton tried to stay calm, and she kept walking, it was no point of her wasting her time trying to explain anything to Maria. Maria was just stubborn.

    The girls finally made it to the spot where they could ski. “Alright ladies, now Maria make sure your shoes are strapped down good on the boards. We will ski a few times on these snowy hills. Remember Maria turn the way me and Lila turn on our skis. I don’t want you to get hurt okay. So we will ski slowly at first and then fast. Until you get use to it.” Ashton told Maria.
    But Maria was very stubborn and liked doing things her way. “Okay ladies ready….set….go.” Ashton said. They were skiing slowly down the hill at first, but Maria wanted to go faster, she was starting to have fun and she sped up.
    “Maria….wait for us!” Lila yelled, but Maria ignored her. On the 3rd snowy hill, Maria went too fast and couldn’t stop. “HELP!” She screamed. “Wait…. I’m coming Maria!” Ashton yelled and tried to speed up to help, but Maria was going too fast heading in the woods surrounded by the pine trees.
    Ashton and Lila got scared and were chasing Maria into the pine tree woods area. They could hear Maria screaming as she was still sliding into the woods. All of a sudden, Maria hit a big object. “What the heck did I just hit?” Maria said scared.
    Maria looked up, and a huge yeti was standing in front of her looking down at her. The yeti was maybe 10ft tall, and he looked like a white fuzzy big ape almost. His teeth were large, and his claws were big. “AHHHHH HELP ME!” Maria started crying, and the yeti got angry. He grabbed Maria in his hands and walked away, going back to his cave.
    “OH MY GOODNESS! A YETI!” Ashton screamed in fear. Lila passed out in the snow and Ashton had to fan her. The yeti walked through the woods until he went into his ice cave towards the mountains. There he put Maria in an ice looking box.
    Maria was trembling and shaking in fear. She was feeling dizzy, anxious, and nauseous. Maria started to cry and scream for help but when she hollered the yeti roared in her face to make her be quiet. The yeti then went to his large pot and started throwing in potatoes, carrots, and onions. “OH NO! WHAT IF HE EATS ME!” Maria said in fear.
    “This is all Ashton’s stupid fault! I should have NEVER come here listening to her!” Meanwhile, Ashton and Lila were standing there frozen in fear. “I thought a yeti was fake and made up!” Lila said crying. “Me too, out of all the years I have been coming here with my grandparents, we never saw the thing!” Ashton said shocked.
    “Well, what are we going to do? That yeti has Maria!” Lila said nervously. “We have to go find her.” Ashton said. “WHAT? I’M NOT GOING TO GET ATTACKED BY THAT YETI! WHY CAN’T WE CALL THE POLICE!” Lila screamed. “Yeah sure Lila let’s call the police and tell them a yeti grabbed our friend. Like the police will believe us!” Ashton said in anger.
    “Well, what can we do? We have no weapons!” Lila said. “Well we will have to gather some rocks and sticks and just throw at it!” Ashton said. “Great, so let’s make the yeti madder, so he can attack us!” “Lila, please let’s stop arguing and rescue our friend before it's too late!” Ashton said.
    “Ashton, will the yeti eat people?” “I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out either. Let’s just hurry and save Maria.” Ashton said. Ashton and Lila started skiing through the cold woods to find where the yeti went. Meanwhile, the yeti had plans of his own. He started making a fire to boil the veggies. Maria’s body temperature was decreasing in the cave.
    It was colder in the cave than outside the cave. Maria noticed her hands and feet were getting a touch of frostbite. She was shivering and shaking and her eyebrows and eyelashes had frost on them. Her skin was even turning a blue like color. “I’m not going to make it, I just know I’m not going to make it.” Maria said sadly.

    The yeti picked Maria up and looked at her and smiled in a wicked way. “Please Mr. Yeti don’t eat me! I have other friends eat them!” Maria said in a selfish hateful way. Because Maria was so selfish and rude, the yeti still threw her in the pot of boiling veggies to make a stew.
    Maria screamed but her screams were not heard. Ashton and Lila finally found the cave. “Oh my goodness! That cave is huge!” Lila said shaking in her boots. “I know, I hope he didn’t eat Maria. We have to hurry and save her.” Ashton said. “Actually, Maria was never really a good friend Ashton….”
    “Lila how could you? Would you want me to abandon you if that was you? Maria may be a terrible friend but no one deserves to get ate by a yeti!” Ashton said. “Well, how are we going to sneak in there?” Lila said. “Let’s just tip toe.” Ashton said.
    Both of them walked slowly into the cave, from a distance they saw the yeti eating his stew and rubbing his belly happily. “Oh no Maria.” Lila said crying. Ashton started to cry also. “It’s too late! Let’s just leave!” Lila said.
    “No I’m taking this yeti down!” Ashton said madly. “Are you nuts! That yeti will smash both of us! I want to be on his good side not his bad side!” Lila said frowning at Ashton. All of a sudden the yeti turned around and Ashton and Lila hid behind the ice box. The yeti looked around and sniffed in the air.
    He then let out a big roar. What the yeti was smelling was Lila’s perfume. The perfume he smelled in the air was hurting his nose because it was too strong. He walked around the cave and then noticed two figures moving near the ice box.
    The yeti snatched the ice box up and let out a huge roar. Ashton and Lila screamed in fear and started skiing out the cave. The yeti was running behind them and Lila crashed into one of the pine trees and fell back. “NOOOO!” Ashton screamed. The yeti picked Lila up and walked back to his cave.
    “Oh no! This is all my fault I should have never came back here and stayed home!” Ashton cried and cried, but then she remembered something her grandparents said. “When you really care about someone you can’t just let them go. Your heart won’t allow you to give up.” Ashton then build up enough strength and courage and she ski back towards the cave feeling brave.
    The yeti was just about to put Lila in the pot when Ashton grabbed a sharp stick found in the yeti’s cave and poked him very hard in the foot causing his foot to bleed. The yeti roared in pain and he dropped Lila on the ground.
    Ashton and Lila both started skiing out of there and the yeti was chasing them. The fast they went the fast the yeti went until he crashed into a tree and fell down in pain. Ashton and Lila continued to ski without stopping all the way back to the cabin. When they were clear from the yeti they took off the ski set and ran in the cabin. “I think we are safe now.”
    “Thanks for coming back for me, your a great friend.” Lila said, hugging Ashton. “You're welcome, I just couldn’t let another friend get eaten.” Ashton said smiling. “This was a terrible trip, can we leave in the morning?” Lila asked. “Yes, hopefully the yeti will not come here. I’m just still sad about Maria. What will we tell her parents?” Ashton said.
    “Nothing, they won’t believe it anyway and if they did they would blame you.” Lila said sitting on the sofa. “Yeah you're right. How about I make us some hot chocolate.” Ashton said. “Sure.” Lila said back. Ashton put on some hot chocolate, and she started looking at the books on the shelf, then something shocked her. She grabbed one of the books and saw it said yeti. She looked through the book and saw her grandparents took a photo with a small yeti and the yeti and her grandparents looked happy.
    “Oh my goodness I hope my grandparents didn’t raise that monster! Wait why wouldn’t they tell me it was a yeti around here? And if humans raised the yeti, why would he grow up to attack people?” Ashton said scared. “What? Your grandparents had that thing as a pet?” Lila said afraid.
    “I guess but maybe the yeti was too young to attack them then. Maybe after my grandparents didn’t come back it lost control!” Ashton said. “Maybe your grandparents were weirdos.” Lila added. “Maybe….but I never saw it as many times as they took me here. I don’t understand! Maybe we should get rid of it so no one else will get hurt.” Ashton said.
    “FORGET THAT JUNK! I’M GOING HOME! IT PROBABLY HAD KILLED MANY PEOPLE! INCLUDING YOUR GRANDPARENTS!” “No Lila, my grandparents died of something else. It had nothing to do with the yeti, maybe the yeti felt they would never come back and he got angry and wild.” Ashton said. “I don’t care why the yeti is mad, I’m getting out of here!” Lila said seriously. “I just hope he is gone by tomorrow.” Ashton said sadly.

    That night Ashton and Lila slept peacefully thinking they would be safe to leave in the morning, but they were wrong. The yeti followed their scent and was waiting, sleeping outside right in front of the cabin door.
    When Ashton and Lila woke up that morning, they ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drank some milk and packed up their things. “I will go make sure he is not out there. Ashton said, telling Lila to stay back. Ashton eased the door open and saw the yeti still sleeping. “Oh no.” Ashton said softly and closed the door back.
    “What’s wrong?” Lila said. “He is still out there in front of the door sleeping!” Ashton said, panicking. “Can’t we go out the back door?” Lila asked. “Yeah, you're right. Come on, we have to be very quiet. I think we better leave out stuff because we can’t run with bags.” Ashton said. “Okay.” Lila agreed. “I hate that stupid thing, why won’t it leave.”
    “Trust me Lila it's not stupid.” Ashton said, looking serious. The two snuck out the back door and walked slowly on the snow. They tip toed towards the front of the cabin with the yeti’s back turned. They eased to the car and got in and closed the door gently.
    Soon as Ashton cranked the car up and was backing up, the yeti woke up and roared. “NOOOOO!” They both hollered. Ashton drove as fast as she could, but the yeti was catching up. “Drive faster!” Lila screamed. “I’m trying!” Ashton yelled back.
    The yeti then jumped high in the air and jumped in front of the car. “AHHHHHHH!” Ashton and Lila both scream.
    The yeti was banging on the car with his claws and Ashton and Lila were crying. “Wait, maybe I can say my grandparents' name and say the yeti’s name from the book.” Ashton said. “That thing has a name?” “Yes, if I can remember, the yeti’s name was Billy.” “Who names a yeti Billy?” “I don’t know Lila, but I have to try.” Ashton said, jumping out of the car. “BILLY STOP! THIS IS LAURA AND STEVE’S GRANDDAUGHTER!” Ashton hollered.
    The yeti stopped and looked at Ashton and sniffed her for a long time. “Billy, please don’t hurt me and my friend. We have to get home.” Ashton said. The yeti sat down and calmed down until Lila got out of the car. “Come on Ashton forget that stupid yeti!” She said, The yeti got so angry he grabbed Lila. “BILLY NO!” Ashton said.
    The yeti crushed Lila with his hand, instantly killing her. Ashton cried for a long time, feeling terrible that Lila was gone, and the yeti threw her body in the snow. Then the yeti did something strange. He wrote in the snow with his hand, and it said, “They were not your friends. I won’t hurt you. I liked your grandparents. I know they're gone now. Just promise you will visit again. You can go home now Ashton. I won’t hurt you.” Ashton dried her tears, and she realized that maybe the yeti was right. He kept trying to get them, not her.
    Ashton still felt bad for Lila and Maria, but when she started thinking about how Maria acted before the yeti took her and how sometimes Lila wasn’t really a good friend at times either, she realized why they got hurt and she didn’t.
    Ashton was a good person just like her grandparents. She showed love but she was also very wise. Ashton looked at the yeti and smiled. She walked over and gave the yeti a huge and got back in her car, riding off and waving.
    After that, Ashton did sometimes go back to Maine and the cabin, and she would visit the yeti and give him snacks to eat. Ashton didn’t get any new friends any time soon, afraid that Billy would also harm them. She decided to take a break from friends, but she did live a happy life.

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