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The Lamest Jokes In The History Of The World PART II

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These jokes are just plain funny I do not mean any disrespect whatsoever. (there are yo mama jokes in here

    Dad Jokes

    My wife is irritated that I have no sense of direction.
    So I packed my stuff and right.

    Your dad is so talented, he got a 10 min. slow clap from Simon Cowell.

    Yo mama

    Yo mamma so stupid she got hit by a parked car.

    Yo mama so old her first Christmas WAS the first Christmas.

    Yo mamma so fat when she passed the T.V. I missed 3 episodes of my favorite show.

    Yo mamma so fat they had to lay a blanket on the Pacific Ocean so she could sleep.

    The most hilarious Harry Potter joke to exist

    SIRIUS: I'm afraid a lot of people die in the last few books, Harry.
    HARRY: Are you serious?
    SIRIUS: I'm dead Sirius.

    Another Harry Potter joke

    Knock. Knock.
    Who's there?
    You know.
    You know who?
    That's right.

    Simon Cowell Jokes

    When Simon Cowell is hunting something he's on the Simon

    When Simon Cowell wants a pole, he uses a Simon Dowell.

    When Simon Cowell smells bad, he smells Simon Foul.

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217 days ago
what? I don't know anything about harry potter so i dont get those jokes...
432 days ago
funny hehe
1071 days ago
What the heck
1086 days ago
"Yo mamma so fat they had to lay a blanket on the Pacific Ocean so she could sleep."
1154 days ago
The yo mama jokes are the funniest !!!!!!😄😀😁( to me anyways)
1174 days ago
Those. Are. So. Lame.😅
1329 days ago
I just wanna put emojis in my name.ee.e.e.e
1329 days ago