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Two hearts are beating together...

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Sean loves Alex, and Alex loves Sean. But Alex won't admit that he is gay, and will Sean's patience run thin?

(Better than it sounds!)

Sean's POV: Getting the low-down.

It had been almost a year and the mansion, it felt like a proper home now. And I wasn't getting lost as much anymore! Also Alex was here, that made things a million times better already.

I didn't think that I would be gay or that Alex would be too, well he doesn't think that he's gay just likes men. I love him. I have for some time now, that day before the Cuban Missile doo-dah disaster we kissed, our first one. He's a great kisser, such soft lips and his eyes are so blue when close up.

I don't know what's going through Alex's mind now, when we're only we kiss, hug, and do all sorts of stuff together. But when anyone else is looking he stays as far away from me as possible, if I come too close he pushes me away or try and hold his hand he'll glare at me.

I'm sure that Charles knows, he can read minds. And Hank isn't that dumb, but I'm sure that they will accept us they won't care. But Alex will.

Back to real time:

I walked up to Alex's door and knocked softly, it was 9:30pm and everyone was either going to bed or chilling out in their room or downstairs. I waited a minute then the door opened, and I stepped inside.

"Hi..." I said awkwardly, this was it I had too tell him it was now or never. "Um... I've got something to uh... tell you, it's quite important."

Alex finally looked up at me and gave me a small smile, I remembered our first kiss the tenderness and love between us. And how our relationship has progressed from there, physically a lot, but in every other way not so much.

"Sure, hit me" Alex replied.
"Um.. Okay... Well I'm not sure how to put this to make it sound better, so I'm just going to say it. I love you." Silence. I looked at Alex but no reaction, he just stared at me. Wasn't he going to say that he loved me? Didn't he?

After 5 minutes of quite I had to break it, "Um... Alex, are you okay? Do you love me?" I asked him.
"Sean... I..."

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