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Scourge's Love (Outline) Volume 1

1 Chapter - 471 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 2,915 taken- The story is completed

A cool story of Scourge and his love, Night.

    Scourge runs into the forest in search of something to kill off his anger. At the same time, Night is running in the forest, and she’s a loner, to search of food. They run into each other and kiss accidently! They back away quickly, and gasp. Scourge stares at her, blown away by her beauty. Night stares at him, overwhelmed by his handsomeness. They talk about things, through the whole afternoon. Soon, its night and they fall asleep with each other in a den. When they wake up, surprised that they had fallen asleep, it’s raining. So they can’t go back to their homes. They spend the time talking and playing games. They become great friends. It stops raining, and Scourge says that he needs to get back to his clan. But he promises that they’ll meet at moon high in this forest tomorrow night. They go back to their homes. They’re both frustrated because they can’t see each other, and they can’t get each other off their minds. But the next day finally comes and they meet each other again in that den. They both say that they couldn’t stop thinking about each other, and they kiss again, this time not accidently. It’s a long kiss, and when they finally stop, Scourge takes her to a high rock where they watch the moon and stars together. They fall asleep, again, and then they wake up they’re still happy to be with each other, and confess that they love each other. (Sorry I’m using each other a lot!: P) Scourge tells her then, that he can’t lie to her and that he is a bloodthirsty villain who, yada yada yada, you get the point. Night is shocked and she runs away and leaves him there. Scourge later comes to her den by Riverclan, and tells her that he is sorry and that he loves her and won’t let anything get in the way of that. She forgives him, and they go back to the den and decide to be with each other forever, kinda like cat marriage.☺ Then after Bloodclan and the other cats agree that they will have a war, Scourge tells Night that he’ll be back after the battle, and she wishes him luck, but when he goes off, she starts to cry.
    Continued in Volume 2...

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