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All Summer Long

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Jade and Joel are childhood friends. But Joel loves Jade. Jade loves Brandon, Joel's brother. Brandon loves Jade's twin sister Jenna. And Jenna loves Joel.
When Jade joins the Touchwood Tigers Cheerleading Camp which lasts all summer, the only option for Joel is to write a love letter. But what happens when Jenna intercepts the letter and puts a load of hate mail instead, so Jade receives a letter full of abuse and sends abuse back to Joel? Will Joel fall for Jenna instead?
Better than it sounds...probably...maybe...hopefully...

Joel Tyler watched his best friend Jade Daniels dance with the rest of the cheerleading team. How, he wondered, could someone be so nice and so pretty at the same time?
Joel and Jade had met in playgroup when they were three, almost a decade ago. They'd been best friends for so long, but somewhere along the line, Joel realised just how truly gorgeous and sweet Jade was, and he'd liked her as more than a friend since.
"Hey, Joel." He jumped as he saw Jade standing right next to him, her almond-skinned face shining with sweat and her slightly freckled cheeks pink, "Did you see me cheer?"
"Yeah, you were really awesome." Joel tried to grin at her. Girls loved compliments, after all.
"Thanks...hey, I need to tell you something." said Jade. Joel began to sweat himself. Was Jade at last going to confess her attraction to him? He waited for those three crucial words, and then-
"I've been accepted at a cheerleading camp." Jade showed him a letter.
Deflating slightly, Joel took the piece of fancy paper.

Dear Miss Daniels,
we are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Touchwood Town Cheerleading Camp. Please ask a parent/guardian to fill in the permission slip below, with the required £75.
We look forward to seeing you here.
Yours Sincerely,
Louisa Grant,
Mistress of Students

Joel passed the letter back. "Well...congrats." he said. "Er, how long does this camp thing last, then?"
Jade took a deep breath. "...All summer long."

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1680 days ago
That is just cruel!!!