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All Summer Long Part Two

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Need to read part one to get the gist.
Jade has just announced to her lovelorn friend Joel that she will spend all summer at Touchwood Town Cheerleading Camp.
Now Jade has gone to camp and Joel has to write a letter to Jade, explaining his feelings. But he asks her twin sister Jenna, who has a skyscraper-sized crush on Joel, to post it. What happens when Jenna gets her pen out and thinking cap on?

Joel POV:
"...All summer long."
I can't believe it. This is the strongest reaction I've ever had to Jade yet, but now she was drifting off to a camp for the whole summer. Is there any way I can persuade her not to go?
"Why are you going?" I mutter. She looks confused.
"Well, obviously, Joel, because I really want to cheerlead for Touchwood Town. OK? And plus. This is my big opportunity, as a famous person might be there and I might get scouted." she said matter-of-factly, as though she'd just proved a point beyond my understanding.
I sighed. How could I make her see that this cheerleading camp would get her a rep as a fitness-obsessed freak? And also, we always spent our summers at the beach, park, cafe, pool. (And Jade Daniels does look gorgeous in that sleek brown silver-buckled one-piece swimming costume.)
"I'm going to this camp, Joel, and you can't stop me." she says bluntly. And she went the next morning. I had one option. Write a (bleh) LOVE LETTER.
*Joel's POV end*
Joel squinted at what he had just written.
Dear Jade,
I didn't want to tell you the reason why I don't want to at that stupid camp for the whole summer. We've always been friends and I wouldn't mind that, because I love your company, but it's just that I really like you.
As more than a friend, I mean.
So could you cancel your place at the camp? I really want to spend time with you at the leisure centre and funfairs again like we always do. Only this time, as more than friends.
Love from,

He sealed it into an envelope and ran into Jade's twin Jenna.
Jenna always had a bit of a crush on Joel.
"Hey, Jenna, could you post this for me?"
"Sure." She fluttered her eyelashes at him. "What is it?"
"A, uh, letter. To Jade...I like her as more than a friend." he said quietly.
"Oh..." How could he? Jenna was the pretty twin!

Joel strode out and slammed the door. He didn't see Jenna pull out a pen, a smirk curling her rosy lips. Jade was toast. Joel had to see that Jenna would make him happier.
So she opened the envelope, unfolded the letter, got a new piece of paper and began to write her version of his love letter.

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That is just cruel!!!