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All Summer Long Part Three

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Read parts one and two first. Jenna has gotten her hands on Joel's love letter and is determined to win Joel's heart. And by "editing" the letter, Jenna can make Jade hate him, so Joel will fall in love with Jenna instead...right?
Meanwhile, Jade is sending a
postcard to Joel's brother Brandon...containing a declaration of her secret love for him. Joel finds and reads it, and his heart breaks. Will he turn to Jenna?

    Jenna's POV

    I smiled as I read the new letter I changed for Joel. I fixed the mistake if him saying he loved her. I mean, I've loved Joel since, oh, I don't know, SINCE HE FIRST STAYED FOR TEA SIX YEARS AGO. I'm not losing him to my twin sister.
    I quickly posted it. I am so awesome.
    Jenna's POV end.

    Jade took her pen, reached for the postcard and addressed it to Brandon. Jade had loved her best friend Joel's brother since she'd gone on holiday with them four years ago, and he'd looked so hot in his swimming trunks.
    Dear Brandon,
    I hope you don't think this is too weird or anything. But I think you're awesome. You're funny, confident and nice to me. And you probably think of me as your brother's best friend, or a friend at the very most. But I've liked you since I was nine and you were eleven, but it was awkward because to me, you were someone wonderful, but to you I was just your little brother's friend.
    I hope that you think of me as more than Joel's best friend, but if you don't, it's okay.
    She posted it, wondering if Brandon had had Jade, Jade, Jade running through his mind since she left for camp just as much as she had run Brandon, Brandon, Brandon through her mind.

    A letter flopped onto the doormat. Joel picked it up, frowning. It was Jade's handwriting but it was addressed to Brandon.
    Bitter disappointment, upset and anger rose in Joel as he read the loving postcard. If only this was addressed to him...but here it was. Proof that Jade preferred his brother. He hurled this piece of evidence away. She didn't love him. She would be laughing at him when she received his love letter.
    Little did he know that Jenna, who Joel barely knew, had modified his letter...quite heavily.

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Hi I would recommend to look at the letter before reading it