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A Dreamer

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Joe meets his love...
The first part.

    I lay on my back, the sun reaching out to me, feeling the happiest I could ever be. So far, I meant. It was very hot, and we were on the beach of Beechwood Village. I was still wet from snorkeling, and was drying myself out in the frying heat of the sun.
    Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a girl ran into my view. She was tall and tanned and very, very pretty.

    "Hi!" She grinned at me, "Nice place, Beechwood is!" She had some kind of accent; Scottish, maybe?
    I stood up hastily, brushing crusty sand off me.
    "Hi!" I said, "I'm Joe! Sooo... errrmmm... are you staying here? Or do you live here? You’re not local..." I realised she was staring at me like I had said something very rude.

    She burst out laughing.
    "Ehh! I don't see why you have to rush with words, you see!"
    "I'm sorry! I think I should.. shall I just go... it's very rude of me... so shall I just..." I stuttered and stumbled over my words like Molly, my younger sister, over some tree roots. Those words aching to come out of my throat just stuck there, as if I had swallowed super-glue. Maybe it was too much salt-water.

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