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Rarity and Thunderlane (Rarilane)

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It's the new school year! Rarity can't wait! When she arrives at school, a new stallion named Thunderlane is there. He came all the way from Manhattan! Rarity feels a little red and sweaty. Could she really have a crush on the new guy? Does he like her back?

Today is the first day of high school! And Rarity can't wait! She got up super early, fixed her mane and ate a fancy breakfast. Now she is walking to school with her friends: Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. "I'm SO SUPER EXCITED!" Pinkie yelled as she bounced on the side walk. "Um... Me...me...too." Fluttershy said shyly with a smile. "Yes! Now that we are in High School, we can learn about all kinds of neat history!" Twilight smiled. "Ya. History for eggheads!" Rainbow said. Applejack laughed with her. "Grrr" Twilight was mad, then started laughing too. "Rarity, aren't you excited?" Applejack asked her. "Why of course! It took 3x longer to do my mane! I want to make a grand entrance! And maybe find a cute stallion!" She sighed and then blushed. "Um, ok then..." Applejack said. Finally the 6 friends arrived! ~Golden Hooves High School~ As soon as they walked in... they all left to find their own kind. Pinkie followed the silly ones, Twilight went to the nerdy book ponies, Rainbow found the athlete teams, Fluttershy joined the Stop Animal Abuse Club, Applejack went to the bakery and Rarity was all alone. She couldn't find the fashion ponies anywhere! So she started down the hall, but before she knew it... It was time for class.

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1241 days ago
Hi Tori this story is great 👍 write the next chapter