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A Little Love Confession

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Nico is a 19 year old girl who through association with the wizard Gandalf ends up adventuring with the company of Thorin Oakenshield and falling in love with a certain dark haired dwarf.

    At first Nico wasn't very pleased with having to travel with the dwarves but she didn't mind anymore she was actually quite happy. Ever since Nico had first met Kili she knew she was in love. But unfortunately she wasn't exactly sure Kili loved her she was actually quite sure that he hated her.
    They had all just made it to Riverwood. Nico knew there would be celebration tonight for they had just figured out what the runes on the map said. There was plenty of food and drink and Fili had gotten a little too Drunk.

    "Kili Loves you" Fili said

    "What" Nico said blushing
    "Kili loves you" Fili repeated
    "Um..." Nico was speechless
    Fili walk tipsily away. Nico was shocked all this time she thought Kili Hated her Nico was so happy but then she realized Fili was drunk he could have been confused Nico began to think that Kili would never even like her it was impossible he could love her. Nico heard someone yelling but she didn't know who it was or what they were yelling about. Nico followed the voice she saw it was Kili yelling at Fili. Seeing Kili made her think about what Fili had said earlier. Kili was about to puch Fili but then Kili saw Nico and stopped. Nico had seen Kili look at her his eyes locked with hers for a second before he let go of Fili. Nico was beginning to believe what Fili had said.

    Authors Note:
    Hey so my name is Crystal and I hoped you like my fanfic so far feel free to post some things that you want me to write about I promise I’ll try my best to write most of them unless they suck but even then I’ll try my best so Keep reading and I’ll try to post at least 1 new finished fanfic every week.

    Nico decide to gather up her courage and ask Kili if he liked her

    "Kili I need to ask you something" Nico said nervously
    "Ok" Kili said
    "Do you like me?" Nico said
    "As more than just a friend"
    "If I told you to meet me in my room tonight would that answer your question" Kili said before walking away.
    Nico was so excited she nearly fainted but she was also nervous
    She was pretty sure she knew what Kili was gonna do. Once the party ended Nico walked up the stairs to Kili's room. Nico knocked on the door no one answered she opened the door...
    Authors Note:
    Aren't you just loving the suspense. Wait and see what happens next.
    RATED: R

    When Nico opened the door she saw Kili in his bed naked.

    "Want to join me" Kili said
    Nico walked slowly towards Kili's bed. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in closer until their faces were almost touching Kili kissed Nico gently on the lips. Nico leaned closer to Kili but he moved back causing Nico to fall on top of him. Kili took advantage of this and moved his hands down to her hips and removed her pants and underwear Kili and Nico made out while Nico's clothing was slowly removed until she was left completely naked Kili gently kneaded her breasts Nico moaned. Kili then began to suck her nipples first one than the other Nico could feel herself beginning to get wet

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