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A love story

    Moey FanFic
    As a part-time job, Meghan was a model for a local photographer that happened to be best friends with her mom. However, ever since Meghan was younger, she had always had a thing for beauty pageants, and when Meghan entered middle school, her mom asked you if she'd like to become a part-time model. Back then, Meghan loved it very much, and she still does. Nothing has changed, except the way Meghan looked. Meghan loved trying on different clothing, getting her hair and makeup done, and the different poses to try out. The best part though, was to see how the pictures came out. This was your way of making herself feel confident in herself- and she absolutely loved it!
    When Jeanine, the head photographer, came to give Meghan her modeling assignment one day at work, she also added in that she had exciting news to tell Meghan.
    "I hired another model." Jeanine said in an excited tone. "-don't worry though, he won't take your place-"
    "He?" She ask cautiously.
    "Yes, he. We need more male models, and this one's perfect! His name is Joey, and he's absolutely gorgeous!"
    A gorgeous man, she didn't think it was nearly possible, but as soon as she saw Joey walk in through the front doors of the studio, her thoughts instantly began to change.
    His hair was the perfect dirty blonde color, that was neatly swept to the side in perfect form. His eyes were as rich and as blue as the sky, and his body was fit in every which way. To add on bonus points, he was also very fashionable as he strut around wearing a navy blue button up shirt, a patterned scarf, and black skinny jeans. He was perfect, just like Jeanine said.
    After Jeanine introduced him to Meghan, she began to explain what your model assignment was.
    "Seventeen Magazine called in for a cover shoot." Jeanine explained to her. "It's their "lovers" issue, so Joey and Meghan will be working together to create the perfect "couple" look."
    Meghan then looked over at Joey, who was busy examining all of the photography equipment. He didn't seem to be paying any attention to what Jeanine had to say- but then again, she might've already explained it all to him.
    "Well, let's start now." Jeanine instructed. "Joey, Meghan, into hair and makeup now."
    Joey and you then looked over at each other as he followed her over to the dressing area. When they were both in a room full of different costumes and clothing, Joey began to talk to her with his cute, dorky accent.
    "Hello. I'm Joey." he introduced himself.
    "I'm Meghan." She said to him.
    "It's nice to meet you Meghan- you're awfully pretty to be a model- you know that right?"
    "I could say the same thing to you mister."
    Joey then began to laugh a cute laugh. It was so contagious that she started to laugh along with him as well. By the time people came in to help the both of them dress, Meghan and Joey were super-talkative to each other, and before you knew it, they began to know each other better and better by the minute. When hair and makeup was all done, Meghan and Joey walked back into the main studio, hand in hand, still chatting to each other.
    "So, I think that we should walk into the studio hand-in-hand." said Joey.
    "Why is that?" She asked him.
    "We're shooting the "lovers" cover shoot! We want to look like a couple..right?"
    "You're right!" She exclaimed. Meghan then give his hand a slight squeeze before entering the studio once again, this time with Joey right by her side. Everyone in the building began to admire the way Meghan and Joey looked together- some even said that they both looked like a real couple! She couldn't help but to blush at that.
    Joey then squeezed her hand back before letting it go to be positioned behind the camera. And before the shooting started, he flashed Meghan one last smile, for good luck.
    Hours have passed, and by the end of the day, the job wasn't completely finished. There was still a few things that were needed to be shot, so Jeanine moved the rest of the work to be done tomorrow. The next day, she saw Joey, bright and early in the morning, with his messy bed-head hair, and his wringled up, yet, nice clothing slammed onto his body. Although he didn't look as good as yesterday, he still found a way to always look good no matter what.
    "Good morning." she said to Joey. "-not a morning person, 'aie?"
    "No I'm not, in fact, I overslept and I just barely had enough time to get ready." Joey complained in his deep, sexy morning voice. She couldn't help but to chuckle at him.
    "C'mon, let's go get dressed now.."
    Meghan and Joey immediately began the photoshoot after their outfits were picked out, and her hair and makeup was done as well. You were all on a time schedule said Jeanine, so it was very important to work hard, but fast as well.
    Finally, the last shot of the day came around- the kissing shot. This was Seventeen Magazine's couple's issue, so of course there needed to be SOME form of kissing in there!
    As Meghan and Joey stood together in front of a colored backdrop and behind the camera together, they both prepared yourselves to set the mood. Joey prepared himself by placing one of his hands on the side of her cheek, while his other hand grabbed your waist and pulled you in closer to him. Soon, they both were less than 2 inches away from kissing each other- all she could do now was stare into his beautiful eyes, and into his perfect soul.
    "Ready?" Jeanine asked. Meghan and Joey then nodded in agreement, refusing to look away from one another. As Jeanine began to count down from 5, she swore that she could feel her heart growing bigger and louder by the second, and when she hit one, the bang finally came.
    Joey pressed his lips against hers with so much passion that it began to overwhelm her a bit. Meghan then took her hand and played with his messy side-swept hair as he continued to kiss her, often moving from her lips, to her cheeks, to her neck. After a little bit, they both took a second to breath, and smile at one another.
    "Guys." Jeanine said to Meghan and Joey.
    "Yeah?" They both ask her in unison.
    "I said that you could stop kissing 5 minutes ago- you must've really enjoyed it huh?"
    A wave of embarrassment then began to flood throughout her entire body, but it soon faded as Joey leaned over and kissed you one last time.
    "It was fun." Joey smiled. "-something I'd totally do again!" ;)

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