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A hopeless love

5 Chapter - 901 Words - Developed by:
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Kisshu loves Ichigo with all his heart. But will he get to her before the others?

    It's been 5 years since Kisshu had seen his beloved Ichigo. What will he do to see her?
    ' I hope she'll be happy to see me!' Kisshu thought as he flew over Tokyo. He had made a bracelet for her with a cat paw on it. He couldn't wait to see her! There! Ichigo was running down the sidewalk. Kisshu flew down right behind her.
    " Hello kitty." He whispers.
    " Huh! Kisshu!" Ichigo cries out in surprise." What are you doing here?" That's when Kisshu notices tears in her lovely Brown eyes.
    " Ichigo? Are you ok?" He asks.
    " No Kisshu... Ayoumu-kun is...is leaving Tokyo!" She then burst into more sobs. " His family is moving to America..." ' Yes! A fighting chance!' Kisshu thought.
    " Awe sorry to hear that Ichigo. But I thought...um...here." he thrusts the bracelet in Ichigos direction.
    " Kisshu..." she breathes. " It...It's beautiful." Ichigo takes the bracelet and clicks it on her arm. Then hugs Kisshu. Kisshus face went blood red. But he then starts smiling. Kisshu lifts up in the air, holding Ichigo tightly.
    " K...Kisshu!" She screams.

    " Calm down kitty. I've got you." He leans over to her ear. " I'll never drop you..." Ichigo was smiling at Kisshu, her amazing dazzling smile.
    " Ichigo!" Someone yells. They both look down. Shirogane. " Ichigo!" Kisshu brings Ichigo down to the ground.
    " Shirogane?" Ichigo says.
    " Stay away from him! Alien!" Shirogane yells.
    " No Shirogane!" Ichigo exclaims.
    " Has he hurt you!" He says.
    " No! Leave Kisshu alone!" Ichigo screams. " Ryo!"Shirogane stops. Ichigo never called him Ryo.
    " Are you sure you're fine?" Shirogane whispers.
    " Yes!"
    " I...I'm sorry Ichigo..."
    " It's alright Shirogane. I know you were trying to protect me." Ichigo says. Shirogane leaves, cursing himself.
    " I'm sorry Kisshu..." Ichigo turns around to him. But he was gone.

    ' Stupid Stupid!' Kisshu thought. ' I can never protect Ichigo like Shirogane does. Or love her like Ayaoma...' Kisshu shoots off. Tears streamed down his face.
    " Kisshu?" A small voice says. Taruto.
    " What Taruto." Kisshu quickly wipes his face so it didn't look like he'd been crying.
    " If you love her tell her." He says. " I told Pudding."
    " It worked for you because she loved you to.." Kisshu says.
    " You know what Kisshu?"
    " What?"
    " Ichigo loves you. If you tell her you guys can have a loving relationship. But you are a coward!"
    " T...Taruto!" Kisshu was taken back. Taruto telling him that he was a coward!
    " Go Kisshu. Tell her." Kisshu was about to say something but didn't.
    " Alright."

    " Kisshu!" Ichigo yelled for the hundredth time.
    " Ichigo..." Ichigo twirled around. Kisshu stood there with a single strawberry.
    " Kisshu! You had me worried sick! I can't believe you did that. You-" Kisshu grabs Ichigo by her arms and kisses her. Ichigos eyes were wide open, but closed. They stood there kissing for what seemed like an eternity. Kisshu didn't want it to end. But a voice sounded.
    " Mommiya-San!" Ichigo breaks free of Kisshu to see...Ayaomo.

    " Mommiya-San!" He yelled.
    " Ayaoma-kun?"
    " Mommiya. I'm not moving!" Ayaoma exclaims. Kisshus heart drops. Oh no...
    " You...you're not!" Ichigo yells. Ayaoma picks her up and swirls her around. But Ichigo saw Kisshus sad puppy-dog eyes.
    " Good-bye Ichigo...I...I love you..." Kisshu starts to fly off when Ichigo says:
    " Ayaoma...I...I'm breaking up with you." Kisshu stops mid-flight.
    " Ichigo?" Ayaoma says.
    " I...I love Kisshu." Ichigo looks past Messiah and stares at Kisshu.
    " Kisshu?" Ayaoma turns around and sees him standing there.
    " I...I understand Ichigo. I want you to be happy. Even if it isn't with me." Ayaoma hugs Ichigo one last time...and trudged off.
    " Ichigo? You chose me?" Kisshu asks.
    " Yes. I love you Kisshu." They both then smile and Kisshu raps his arms around Ichigo and kisses her as Ayaoma looks back one last time.
    " Ichigo...I love you..."

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