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Unexpected attractions

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Kyle, me, is in love with a girl who has never had any interest in him whatsoever. However I can't hold the love for her in anymore.

It was the best Tuesday of my life. Now mind you this is a real telling of my weird life so names aren't all common. You'll see what I mean later. P.S. I hate quotation marks so I won't use them. KEEP UP! So the story begins with me in 7th period. Hey Ethan, I whispered. What now, he said. WHAT IS THE LESSON!, I yelled just to make him angry. Stalin and Hitler, he replied. I won't bore you with the crap conversation with Ethan. I'll skip to the good stuff. So at this point I barely knew my crush Shana. Walked over in front of me to fix the white board the teacher always asks her to deal with, and that is when I realized that she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She has a slender hourglass build with well tone legs. Skinny yet muscular. And as awkward as it makes me feel saying it, nice breasts. Not too big, not to small. Same with the back. But the most extraordinary, was her beautiful face. Her skin was a very light brown. Almost white. Brown eyes where adorned with black 3D like glasses that made her whole face the stunning beauty I see today. Long black hair was neatly straightened. She was an untouched goddess and at that moment I knew I would do anything to make her happy. Whether she liked me or not. Little did I know my question would be answered soon.

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663 days ago
it's interesting, i wanna see what happens next?!
1597 days ago
It was cool. Keep writing it.
1955 days ago
I wrote tjis cause i lost a bet. Lol 100% fake!