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He loves you

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Hi! I'm Jennifer..I was 17..there was this boy who always look at me everytime met..he was the boy next class..the genius one..well I kind of like him but..we never talk..he only talk to my friend..I realized that everytime my friend and I have a discussion, he would be there to listen and maybe give some opinion..He always pretend to be a cool and cute guy infront of me..

    He started to talk to me last Monday, on my way to the lab..just a simple "hi"..then the next day, I was waiting for my father at the bus stop..he suddenly talk to me..
    "Hi, Jennifer right?"
    "Can I say something crazy?"
    "Depend on how crazy it is.."I smile..
    "Well, I know this kind of crazy but, I don't know how to start..."
    "What are you trying to say?"
    "I just want to say, you've stole my heart and you need to pay for it.."
    I was...extremely...I don't know..
    Then I smile..
    "Though it would never happen.."
    He smile and hug me..

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111 days ago
Cute.......... 💗💗💗💗😙💗💗
458 days ago
Cute ig....
902 days ago
Agreed I love potatoes
934 days ago
I don't understand at all
1405 days ago
This is not gramatically correct and, because of that, it doesn't make sense