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This story is about Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying (gay guys from PTX)

    Scott was standing in the kitchen making cookies to snack on. He stood next to the steaming hot oven wondering when Mitch would be back. Then, the door squeaked open and Mitch slowly and gracefully stepped in to the house. He made his way to the kitchen where Scott was standing.

    Mitch walked up behind Scoot and slid his hands around Scott's waist. He rested his head on Scott's back.
    "What are doing Scott?" Mitch asked ask he bit his lip and hugged Scott.
    "Just making some cookies." Scott replied.
    Mitch went in front of Scott and put his hand in the cookie dough. He grabbed some and slowly put it into his mouth. He stared in to Scott's eyes as he chewed on what was soon to become chocolate chip cookies.

    "They're not done yet." Scott kindly told him, " I can't have any distractions."
    Mitch step in between Scott and the cookie dough. He unbuttoned Scott's shirt and showed the little blonde chest hair that Scott had. Mitch slipped back behind Scott and rolled his head on Scott's back.

    Mitch sent a shiver down Scott's back. Scott shook his head and smiled.
    "Is this enough of a distraction for you to stop?" Mitch asked.
    Scott turned around and looked into Mitch's eyes. He ran his fingers in his blonde hair and smiled.
    "I think so..." Scott said.

    Mitch took Scott's hand and took him into the bedroom they shared. He opened the door and went inside. They got underneath the bed covers. The windows were shut and the lights turned off. That's the rest we heard of Scott and Mitch for that day.

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803 days ago
okay....... This isn't bad, but...... it is pretty boring. If you added more, it would be MUCH better!
963 days ago
i would like for there to be more to this story
1506 days ago
Not to be harsh or anything, but this story is a little boring and on the verge of being inappropriate.
1918 days ago
So boring! I agree with Foxie. Yawn
2003 days ago