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Love and Life

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Celeste is the prettiest girl in her high school. She's the richest in the city. She has the best wardrobe anyone has seen. She's the smartest student in all her classes. In short, her life is pure gold. But there's one thing she still needs to work on. . . finding the love of her life.

    "Jason, I thought I told you I wasn't into you," Celeste said, taking out her books and slamming the locker door behind her. "And if you're going to sneak up on me, you need to do better than that."
    "Wasn't trying," Jason told her, shoving his hands in his pocket. "About Friday, are you doing anything?"
    "I'm not going out with you. Period." she made a beeline for the next class, hoping she would lose Jason on the way. But there wasn't one boy in the hallway who wasn't watching her. That pretty face, silky red hair, those shiny lips, and that gorgeous body. . . she was an angel from heaven.
    The bell rang as soon as she entered her next class. Ms. Hart, the teacher, quickly took roll and ordered everyone to pass their homework up. After stamping everything and grading it while the students copied an excerpt from a book, she cleared her throat.
    "Today we'll be doing something different. We're going to start a new section in our Teen Health class -- Sex and Safety. Now split up in groups of four: two boys and two girls. I want you to go out of the class, find a nice place, and write down anything you already know on this subject. See yourselves out now."
    Everyone scrambled to find a partner. One of Celeste's best friends, Eloise, scooted over, hugging her notebook to her chest. "Let's ditch the boys," she whispered to Celeste, a wicked smile on her face. They waited until the teacher turned the other way before dashing out the door.
    "Close call," Celeste muttered. "Let's go get a study booth at the library. It should be pretty quiet and lonely there."
    "Good idea," Eloise commented before breaking into a jog. Celeste followed suit, and pretty soon they were racing across the lawn, grass and dirt flying behind them. Behold, the two fastest girls in the whole grade. Too bad no one could see them in all their glory now.
    The librarian showed them to a quiet booth in the back before going to his free period. The girls locked the door and drew the curtains, making the room darker. Celeste found a light switch and flicked it on.
    "Okay, let's start brainstorming," Celeste started, but Eloise gave her a funny look. "What?" Celeste asked, confused for the first time.
    Eloise swallowed. "There's something I want to tell you."
    "What is it?"
    "Well, I didn't come to the library to write about our lesson," Eloise began. Celeste gave her an encouraging look. "I actually wanted to tell you something. It's embarrassing, really."
    "Hurry up and tell me the damn thing!" Celeste snapped, impatience getting the worse of her.
    "Okay." Eloise looked down at the ground. "I'm kind of lesbian. I realized that when I saw this super cute guy but my instinct wasn't the fuck him. Something's wrong with me or something. But this girl, she was so fine, I knew something had changed in me. Please don't tell anyone."
    Celeste's jaw dropped. "Seriously? Don't tell anyone, but I am too."
    "No wonder you never dated anyone! Not even when Henry asked you out!" Eloise trumpeted. Henry, aka the cutest boy in the grade, was turned down by Celeste the second the question came out. Eloise didn't know what to make of it.
    Celeste gave a small smile. Oh she definitely knew what she wanted to do. So she closed her eyes and leaned in.
    Their lips met and a spark of energy flitted through Celeste's body. Finally, after all these years, this was what she had been waiting for. Eloise's lips were soft but strong, and they made out passionately. Pretty soon, it turned into more than just kissing.
    By the time the bell rang, signaling the start of lunch, they were already naked, their clothes on the ground. Sex on a table was actually pretty fun, Celeste had to admit. Maybe they'd do it again next time. That is, if they didn't get caught. But honestly, she didn't give a fuck. At all.

    THE END.

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19 days ago
Horrible story no one should have to read that just ew
727 days ago
i didnt expect that ending lol
750 days ago
what the hell was that
956 days ago
The ending was a little rushed for me
984 days ago
thaats just super gross!
1052 days ago
Um, well, good writing, but... so... surprising ending
1115 days ago
Um, ok
That sounds a lot like two girls that go to my school. They are best friends and their names are Caroline and Eloise. I am also pretty sure Eloise is gay so...
2432 days ago
wow....umm.....yeah that was......something