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New Neighbors and Lovers?

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What will happen when 12 year old Clara moves to Reston, Virginia. And meets her idol, Jacob Sartorius?

“Clara, come on hurry up, you’re going to miss your flight.” My mom said madly.
“I’m coming, don’t get your tie in a knot.” I said sarcastically.
Today I am moving from a small town in Illinois, to Reston, Virginia. Sure it’s far away from my friends and family, but my favorite person in the world lives there. Jacob Sartorius.
When I finally got up, I got dressed and picked out the cutest outfit. I was wearing a black skater skirt, with a teal crop top, with my blue converse.
“Do you want to go to Virginia, or not?” My mom said agitated.
“Do you really want me to answer that?” I back talked.
“What was that, young lady?” My mom said.
“Huh..Nothing..” I said sweet so I wouldn't get in trouble.
By the time I was done with my makeup, and accessorizing, It was time to leave. To be honest, I was scared to move there, but I will get over it.

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481 days ago
I think it's good!
650 days ago
Okay I agree with Tina like you don’t like someone the 1st day I made that mistake you gotta know every single detail about their life
650 days ago
And oh I met Jacob Sartious yeah he’s actually pretty dumb but he’s cool he thought my cheap sunglasses were raybans but I met a lot of celebs
650 days ago
Me and my bf have been neighbors since we were little (9 years) and we just now fell in love with each other he’s my best friend and I think I do love him
722 days ago
This was cool 😎 wish you all the best with him do not ever give up on him and please write more
872 days ago
kinda expected that to happen....
1022 days ago
I wish I live in a book
1153 days ago
Sort of dull and uninspiring.
2321 days ago
ok, i dont say this often because of well, everything, but...after this story...i want to try chipotle
2323 days ago
This story is so interesting!