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Ross in acting weird around Max he keeps blushing ever time he see 's Max in the office does he like him?

    Oh hi Max... you ..look nice..today Ross says while blushing
    I don't know what was up with Ross he kept acting weird.
    So...Max do you want...to....to come over later? Ross said shyly
    Ok I replied all of a sudden Ross gleaned and ran off blushing AGAIN. What was wrong with him some thing was up and I have to find out.

    *Knock Knock* Coming I hear someone shout then Ross appeared he said that had a great movie for us to watch inside. He had lit candles and had two glasses of wine in front of the tv we went and sat down and the movie began.

    The movie was weird it was about love and that kind of stuff I felt uncomfortable.
    All of a sudden I felt a hand touch my thigh I pulled it away but then I felt lips touch mine.

    Ross loved me I didn't want to say it but he did. How can this be happening I don't love him at least I don't think I do. I don't what to break his heart.

    I must of fell asleep because I can't remember what happened but I ended up in Ross's bed with Adam and Ross? NO NO NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING it must be a nightmare it can't be real.

    3 months later
    I started to have pains in my tummy so I went to the doctors to get a scan but all that it was bad news. I was........

    PREGNANT yes I asked who was the mother and they said Ross the scan showed the baby that had a narwhal horn and a Z necklace?

    Adam was soooo shocked but happy because it's Adam he's all ways happy. My tummy was getting bigger but not noticeable

    The baby was born on the 5 of May 2017 it was a little boy so we called him Harry and later in that year I found out I liked Ross so we got married then Adam and Alesa had they're second baby called Crystal.
    The End

    By Ailsa Mary Anne Smith 11 years old done at 23:31 the 22 of the 5th 2016

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2276 days ago
Wow! this fan fic sure was hot! ;) please produce another for my small virgin body needs more self loving
2393 days ago
why is max pregnant?...
2429 days ago