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Elijah Walters and the crushing girl

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This book is about someone named Elijah. A girl that goes to his school has a crush on him but is too afraid to tell him. She worries he might not like her back.

CiCi's POV

I woke up from my alarm. Today is the day I'm going to my new school. I got dressed in my basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I put a black and gray hoodie over it with my black and gray snapback. I put on my black and white Nikes then ran downstairs.

I grabbed an apple and my book bag. Once I was done with the apple I threw away the core in the trash. "BY MUM! IM ON MY WAY TO SCHOOL!" I yelled. I heard her open the garage and she yelled have a good day.

I rushed out walking to school. I made it just in time. Everyone was just getting off the buses. I walked in the crowd and got a lot of stares. I shrugged and keot walking. When I got in a girl named Jennifer walked up to me.

"Hi. I'm Jennifer. And you are?" She said shaking my hand. "CiCi. That’s my nickname. I never let anyone call me by my first name." I said. She nodded and helped me get my things I need. I looked up and saw a boy.

I was instantly dazed. He is so hot. I thought. He looked at me and caught me staring. He smiled and I quickly looked away. I looked up again and saw he was looking at me again. He just laughed and turned around.

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483 days ago
Where's the rest? You should add some more!
769 days ago
this is short and ok but kind've pointless. i personally would have liked more of an ending like he broke her heart or vice versa or someone dies and gets murder. that would have been good
2023 days ago
oh boy. there is a missing comma, beware the dirtiness