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Denis and Sam // Across the world

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    Denis's view:
    As I was about to fall asleep, I couldn't help but think about Sam. The way she laughs is so adorable. And the way she smiles whenever something good happens, it's so adorable.
    I stayed up until 3:00 in the morning just thinking about Sam.
    As soon as I woke up, I instantly thought about Sam. I got out of bed, and got some breakfast. After I ate, I decided to film. I texted Sam and asked her if she wanted to do a ROBLOX Obby together.
    After 5 minutes, I get a response. "Yeah! I would love to! Call me whenever you are ready!"
    "Okay, I will!" I respond. I quickly jump into my I <3 cats t-shirt ( get yours at DenisDaily.com)
    I got onto my phone, and called Sam.
    "Hey Denis!" She says as soon as it connects. "Hey Sam! Okay, which Obby do you want to play?"
    "Anyone would be okay!" She says.
    I pick a random Obby and join. Sam joins too.
    As we play I can't help but listen to her laugh, and look at her while she smiles.
    "Denis, *waves hand across phone screen* Are you on Earth?"
    "Uh-uh- yeah!"
    While Sam and I are in the middle of a conversation, I blurt out "Sam, I like you.."

    Sam's View:
    As Denis and I were talking he all of a sudden blurts out "Sam, I like you...."
    I do not know what to say. I liked Denis back, but I did not know how to tell him, so I just blurt it out. "Denis, I like you too."
    It went silent for a minute, and I felt awkward.
    "Soo, where does that leave us now?" I asked.
    "Will you go out with me Sam?" Denis asked.
    "Denis,-" I say but then he cuts me off.
    "I know, I know, we live so far away from each other, but we will find a way." He says.
    I think about it for a while. "Denis, I need time to think about this." I tell him.
    "Okay. Take all the time you need." He tells me then smiles.
    "I need to go now. Bye Denis." And then I smile at him.
    "Bye Sam." He says.
    The call ends, and I lean back into my chair and take off my headphones.
    I think about what Denis asked me.
    We live so far away from each other. But I really like him.
    I let out a sigh of relief. I have my answer for Denis.
    "Hey, Denis. Can I talk to you? Over Facetime?" I texted Denis.
    "Yeah, I will call you." He responds.
    I answer the call.
    "Denis, I have my answer." I tell him.
    "And what is it?" He asks.
    "Yes. I will go out with you Denis."

    Denis's View: Sam and I are now dating. I can't believe it. I feel so happy. After one year of dating, I finally did it. I bought plane tick
    Denis's View:
    Sam and I are now dating. I can't believe it. I feel so happy.

    After one year of dating, I finally did it. I bought plane tickets to Australia to Surprise Sam.
    I pack my bags, and get on my way to the airport.
    I can't believe this. I'm finally meeting my girlfriend in real life for the first time!
    After a long plane ride, I finally land, and I rent a car, and start to drive to Sams house. I see her car, so I know she is home.
    I take the white roses from my car and ring to doorbell. I step back a few steps and hide the roses behind my back.
    Sam opens the door, and covers her mouth and screams. She runs up to me and I give her a hug.
    " Oh my gosh! I can't believe you're here!" Sam keeps repeating.
    I am here, because I love you. I say.

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680 days ago
990 days ago
Because denis and I are in love
1204 days ago
I thought this was cute but also funny because they aren’t actually together. Still I really liked it c:
1348 days ago
yes sam is with someone else, i made this when I was in 6th grade lmao
1388 days ago
Wait a second isn’t Sam dating someone else???
1703 days ago
I thought sam was with jent
1900 days ago
i thought sam had a boyfriend
1900 days ago
BUT I LOVE HIM *crying*