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Love Square

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Alison is happy. One day she meets three boys, and her life changes.

Alison walked down the street, feeling joyous. She had just gotten a great deal on a beautiful dress she loved. Suddenly, she found herself walking next to a handsome young man, with brown hair perfectly styled and twinkling brown eyes. She had not noticed him a minute ago. "Hello, " Alison said to the boy. "May I ask what you are doing here?"
"I saw you recently, did I not? At Dwellings?" the boy inquired.
Alison recalled that when she was trying on her dress, she had seen someone like him in a different part of the store. She nodded and smiled self consciously.
"Well, " the boy replied, "that dress you tried on looked absolutely gorgeous on you. Not that you needed any help, I mean, but still..." He trailed off, leaving Alison red in the face and the boy still grinning like an idiot. "By the way, the name's Collin, " he added, winking. "Personally I like your name better, but I guess mine is okay."
"I'm Alison. Pleased to meet you." And with that, Alison entered Barnes & Noble, smiling to herself.

She had not gone far when she noticed another boy her age heading toward her. He was tall and thin, with blackish brown hair and brown eyes. "Hey, " the boy said, shooting a wink. "Want to go hang out in those chairs? I'll buy you a coffee."
"Sure, " Alison agreed, settling down in the chair. "Mocha, please. Decaf."
The boy walked to the counter and bought the drinks. Moments later, he returned to where Alison sat with two steaming cups of coffee. Alison noticed hers had a suspiciously whitish top.
"Whipped cream? Oh you should not have, " she teased with a smile.
"I thought you deserved a treat. I barely know you, but I've got a feeling you will be deserving many more treats in the near future."
"What's your name?" Alison questioned.
"Theo, " the boy replied with another wink. "How about you?"
"I'm Alison. Thanks for the coffee."
Alison finished her coffee and went to buy a book, Theo waving to her in the cafe.

Alison's last errand was to go to the grocery store. As she walked in, checking her list, she spied yet another boy near the produce who also looked to be her age. He had light brown skin and curly black hair. Probably nothing, Alison thought. She got muffins, lettuce, olives, and wheat bread before the boy came up to her to talk.
"Hi, " the boy said shyly. "Need any help with your groceries? I only have a few things on my list; I've got time to help you." This obviously did not come out the way he wanted it to, because his face flushed red and he mumbled, "I mean, I can help if you want me to..."
Noticing that he was struggling, Alison kindly stepped in and replied, "Thank you. I'm sure that would go much faster."
Ten minutes later, Alison and the boy (who she'd found out was named Marco) got into the line to pay. Finally, they were done. Alison was about to leave when Marco quickly said, "Wait. I'll be right back." His face was illuminated like he had just come up with a world-changing idea. "Stay here - and close your eyes. I'll be quick." As Alison closed her eyes, she could see Marco rushing off to who-knows-where.
About three minutes later, Marco announced, "Open your eyes, " and Alison did - to a beautiful bouquet of real red roses.
"Oh Marco, they're beautiful, " and she hugged him. When she let go, she could see his face light up with pure joy.
"I - have to go - mom - needs help - dishwasher -" And stumbling as much as he did with his words, Marco skipped off happily into the fading daylight. Alison watched him go, smiling contently.

To be continued...

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