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The Love Triangle Of Zoella, Pointlessblog and Mark Ferris

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#Zalfie is perfect, but mark really has a crush on Soe. What will he do?

I will add a few friends in too for example Tanya and Jim.
(P) means that they are talking on the phone
(T) means that they are texting
(S) means that there skyping/facetiming (same thing)
(N) means normal/talking irl
(Th) means thinking in head
(C) means talking to the camera/filming a video

N=One day....
Z- Hey mark! Wanna come over?
M- Sure is Alfie around?
Z- Yeah, why?
M- Umm I just checked my calendar umm I’m busy today.
Z-Come on please! I really want you to come over
Z-Well I gtg bye!

N=while Mark is getting ready, Zoe decided that the three of them will have a pancake PARTAY!

A- Good morning little one.
Z- Hello Alf.
A-What are we having for breakfast?
Z-Well mark will be over soon and uh, we are gonna eat homemade PANCAKES!
A-Wait, pancakes are our thing gorgeous.
Z-Please, just this one time.
A-Ok gorgeous, do whatever that makes you happy!
Z-Hey alf, can you get my phone please?
A-Sure thing!

N-Zoe searches up the Jamie Oliver pancake recipe, then starts vlogging!

Z-Good morning! How’s your day? Good? Mark is coming over and we are eating pancakes
(In the background) A-WOO!
Z-Haha, don't mind alfie. So I am making the Jamie Oliver pancakes, and I’ll just double the recipe, so it’s like, 6 eggs and uhh. There’s a blog post on my blog so I’ll leave a link down below. And if you do make these pancakes post it and tag me in it, I love to see what you guys make!
A-ELLO! Hey gorgeous? Have you seen my camera?
Z-See guys look at this, losing his camera again! And I think I saw it in the bedroom. Charging...
A-Right, I forgot.
Z-I'm not sure though.
A- I'll go see.
Z-Ok, um catch up with you guys when I start making the pancakes!
N-Mark arrives

N-Zoe gets out her camera


Z-Look who’s here guys! It's mark
M-HEYY! Ohh, I smell pancakes! For my belllllyyyyy!
Zoe: Haha.
M: Yeah cause I’m starving!
(Singing) Z-Didn't know I was starving until I tasted you!

N-Mark joins in.

M-Oh, Alfie must have left, a perfect time to tell Zoe!

(Whispers to Zoe) M-I lo-


Did alfie hear? Did Zoe understand? Find out in the next chapter!

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804 days ago
This could be a good story, but I agree with lawton. Can you make it real not like that? Like a normal story?
1436 days ago
its so boring like do a real story Sophie