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CharmX's love story

1 Chapter - 456 Words - Developed by:
- Updated on: - 1,154 taken- The story is completed

    It happened one dark afternoon. CharmX was watching Boku no pico, when suddenly, he got a phone call. It was his friend from school, Nathan. He said that Weronika was in trouble and that he had to hurry up. CharmX stopped watching Boku no pico and dressed up into his dark, clothes with a mask like the ones gangsters wear. He jumped out of the window and ran to Weronika's house. He knocked on the door. There she was, Weronika, opening the door for him. She was wearing epic panties. CharmX felt uneasy with this situation. Unfortunately he didn't have much of choice since it would have been rude to just walk away. Weronika told CharmX to sit down.
    "Weronika, I'm sorry, but I can't sit down, you don't have a couch."
    Weronika explained that her parents took it with them in case she would accidentally break it.
    CharmX understood the situation since he also broke a couch once. He sat down on the ground. Weronika sat next to his. CharmX felt uneasy. This situation gave him a massive boner. He grabbed his coat and put in on his lap.
    "What's wrong?" Weronika asked.
    "I was just.. umm-"
    He was interrupted by Weronika. She put her finger on CharmX's lip saying that he doesn't have to explain anything.
    "I've got to go, it's kinda late."
    Weronika looked at CharmX with a disappointment.
    "It's really dark outside, you could sleep in my house."
    CharmX felt uneasy, again. But he couldn't refuse. So he was forced to sleep with his best friend who friend zoned him over 10000 times.
    In the middle of the night, CharmX woke up, noticing that Weronika was on top of him.
    "Weronika? Could you please get off me?"
    She refused and instead, kissed him.
    "What the heck?"
    CharmX looked at Weronika. He questioned his porpoise of life. He was born to watch hentai, not being kissed by a girl.
    "Will you kiss me?"
    CharmX looked at Weronika's eyes. He kissed her back. After that, they both layed on the bed. They laughed then fell asleep. CharmX never forgot that night.

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