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CharmX's love story chapter 2

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    CharmX was watching gay hentai when suddenly his friend called him.
    "Nathan, the hell do you want? Last time you told me that Weronika was in danger and when I came over to her house, she asked me to stay for a night and we kissed."
    Nathan knew that CharmX is terrified of girls, but he still made him help Weronika.
    "Yeah, worked all according to plan."
    CharmX hung up, suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. Weronika was standing in front of the door. It was raining and he didn't want her to catch a cold.
    "I'm sorry for what happened two nights ago. I forgot that you're terrified of girls.
    Weronika was taking a bath in CharmX's bathroom. As usual, he felt uneasy. He decided to hide somewhere and finish watching that hentai. Unfortunately for him, Weronika knew where he was and immediately after taking a bath, she ran towards CharmX's hiding place.
    She was fully naked, CharmX didn't dare to look down since he was afraid of getting hurt for looking. Weronika didn't notice that she was naked. She was worried about CharmX.
    "Why are you hiding in there? Are you upset? Scared?"
    CharmX was speechless. He was scared of Weronika without any clothes on.
    "Y..y.. you have no clothes on!"
    Weronika looked down. She didn't looked embarrassed at all. Instead, she looked kinda happy.
    "You want to touch these?"
    CharmX couldn't control himself and decided to touch Weronika's epic breasts.
    "Weronika.. I.. I don't think it's a good idea.."
    Suddenly, they heard a door open.
    A female voice was calling out for CharmX and Weronika. Suddenly, they realized who it was. It was Saoirse who wanted to work on a German project with CharmX. But how did she know that Weronika was in his house? Saoirse found CharmX and Weronika. She didn't react to the fact that Weronika was naked and CharmX was touching her breasts. Instead, Saoirse said "CharmX, don't forget that we're doing a German project today. And Weronika, your parents are looking for you."
    Weronika dressed up and gave CharmX a kiss.
    When Weronika left, Saoirse asked CharmX what happened. He explained the story from the very beginning.

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