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Dear Diary...

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You are Linui And You have a Crush On Rimu And He Notices You he asked your number and You Confessed And KISSED!

    Dear Diary...

    Today Is The Meanest Day Of My Life! Huru Koshui The School's Mean Girl Bullied Me For Liking Rimu Matsuoga! I Wish That Huru Was Gone, WE AREN'T DONE YET HURU!

    ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    Dear Diary!

    Gotta Start my Diary With Sad And Happy Secrets And Today Rimu Noticed Me And Asked My Number! Can you Believe That Diary? YES HE ASKED MY FREAKING NUMBER! WOULDN'T YOU BELIEVE IT? YESSS HE DID! THIS IS THE MOST HAPPIEST DAY I'm Gonna Talk to Him Tomorrow! I Will Tell him to meet Me Next to The Fountain Tomorrow! and Rimu HASN'T NOTICE HURU!
    ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ---------
    next day....
    Linui Walks To Rimu's Locker
    She Takes A Deepest Breath "I'm Ready to Give It to Him"
    Linui Opens His Locker And Puts The Note And Runs
    "YAAAY"Linui Screams In The Hallway Running To the Fountain In the Garden, Rimu Walks To His Locker And Opens It He Notices Linui's Letter "Huh? Linui! Sent Me This!"Rimu Blushes Deep Red
    Linui Waits Patientlly For Rimu To Come, She Mumbles To her Self"Would He Come! Would He! He Wouldn't"She Shrugs To Herself, Rimu Runs To The Fountain Blushingly "H-Hey Rimu" "H-Hey Linui" They Blush.. "So..What Do you Want From Me, Linui?"Rimu Says "Uh..I Need To Confess" Linui Says "I want to Confess too, Linui" "I love You Rimu!" Rimu Kisses Linui Softly And Long. Then..Huru Came In Angrily "RIMUUUU I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME!"Huru Shouted At Rimu, The Two Stopped Kissing And Shrugged, Rimu Whispers To Linui "Don't Mind Her Mind Me.. 😉" Linui and Rimu Went Back to Kissing And Then...

    Come Back for Chapter Two

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15 days ago
WHAT is this? Oh is it a real diary? Also, really good question animal lover
220 days ago
Wth is this supposed to mean
1044 days ago
Very good question Animal Lover...
1128 days ago
Wth just happened.