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CharmX's love story chapter 4

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    It's been two weeks after that weird day. Since then, Saoirse and Weronika had been fighting over CharmX. His friend, Nathan, was hanging out with him during lunch.
    "So, CharmX, how's your harem going? Do you know who you love?"
    CharmX was really confused. Nathan never mentioned the word harem before.
    "Weronika and Saoirse love me?"
    Nathan laughed.
    "You finally got it. You wished for a real life harem. Soon enough your life will turn into a hentai. Fucking all those sexy girls."
    CharmX was so weirded out after hearing this.
    "Dude, no. Please stop. You know that I'm scared of girls."
    They continued walking. Then they bumped into a girl. She was the prettiest girl they ever saw.
    "Oh my god, those curves, that ass. Bet ya her pussy is also great."
    CharmX pushed Nathan away.
    "Hey, my name is Charizard X Gaming, but I prefer being called CharmX."
    The girl smiled.
    "I know who you are. I'm Victoria. But people call me Vic. I heard that girls like you."
    CharmX was surprised to hear that. He didn't know that girls liked him.
    "Oh, right. Well. I'm kinda scared of girls. You could say that I'm allergic to girls."
    Victoria looked at him and smiled.
    "I'm gonna help you in getting over your fear. You're going to have to follow me."

    Victoria led CharmX to a dark place.
    "Here we go. First of all. Take off your clothes and get a bonner for me."
    CharmX did what she asked him.
    "Great, now, could you help me take off my clothes?"
    CharmX did what she asked him, again.
    "Feel my pussy."
    CharmX looked up at Victoria.
    "What the actual hell? I'm not ready for those stuff-"
    Victoria took his hand and placed it on her pussy.
    "Oh my god. Why? Why!"
    Victoria started squirting.
    "Agh, why are you doing this?"
    Saoirse walked into this.
    "Saoirse, please help."
    Victoria stood up and started dressing up.
    "Wow, vic, stop right there. You don't want the cops to start wasting their time on looking for you. Just stay here. While we're waiting for the police, I'll have some time to deal with you abusing my boyfriend!"
    Suddenly CharmX understood what was going on with Saoirse. She asked him out and he didn't even notice it.
    "Victoria, you know how long I was looking forward to catching you forcing guys to do dirty stuff with you. You slut, sex lover, guy abuser."
    CharmX fainted.

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