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CharmX's love story after he fainted

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    CharmX woke up in a hospital. Saoirse, Weronika, Nathan and Liam were standing around his bed.
    "Finally, you woke up." Said Nathan.
    "We decided to ask you if you decided on who you want to go out with."
    CharmX looked up at Saoirse and Weronika. He was confused af. Unfortunately, he couldn't run away since he has to lay on the hospital bed till the nurse comes over.
    "CharmX, do you remember your fear of girls? Well, apparently you got over."
    CharmX smiled and said.
    "Well, if that's the case- wait, how do you know I'm not afraid of girls anymore?"
    Saoirse and Weronika smiled.
    "Well, you did do stuff with Vic. You kissed Weronika and you hugged me."
    CharmX smiled at both of them.
    "We'll, I think my job is done here." Said Nathan.
    Liam smiled at CharmX. What a wonderful way to end a story, ain't it? Well, the story just began. There's a lot for CharmX to discover. The question is, who will he go out with?

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