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My 2nd grade crush

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A story about a girl named KeKe' s 2nd grade crush and their relationship

KeKe's point of view

Hi my name is KeKe and I like this guy well actually I liked him in 2nd grade, but I guess I can tell you that story. The year that I was going to 2nd grade I had to switch schools. I had to go to this weird school nearby my house that I had never heard of. But I was exited! I MEAN WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS! So the first day of school I went and we had to wear uniforms. I was kinda used to it because my old school was a private school. Soon as I sat down at my desk I saw him. His name was Mac..... I thought he was soooo cute though. It even got to the point where I chased him at recess. It was like we were meant to be but I thought WRONG!

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807 days ago
umm... what? how do u even know his point of view?
944 days ago
What does this need to do with anything this is a quiz website and is this a book and then some things about the book because I didn’t read it all
1812 days ago
It was an awesome FanFiction! Please keep writing!
1823 days ago
Hoped you liked my fanfic I will be making another one soon