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This Is the adventures of a young girl who ran away to live with her mother. There's Love romance

He took me by the hand and looked into my eyes. “Everything will be ok,” he said, “you’re safe.” That one word Safe it made my heart pound in my chest, I wondered am I really safe, am I?

Chapter 1- Afraid
His huge hand hung above me, threatening my every movement. It came down upon me with tremendous fury, and I knew it was going to leave a bruise. The pain was horrible, tears ran down my face.
“Stop crying you stupid girl.” said my father. He left the room with a beer bottle in his hand. I knew this wasn’t my father, it was the alcohol talking.
Or was it? I sighed. I couldn’t call the police because the father would kick me out. I couldn’t tell mom because she was in, stupid, Hawaii with her, stupid, new husband. I watched as my father sat on the couch acting as if I wasn’t there, grumbling he said, “Stupid brat never listens ever! Why couldn’t Angela take her with her to Hawaii?” I wandered the halls of my newly emptied house. I can’t call it a home it doesn’t feel like a home, not now. I felt like nothing I went to the bathroom to check to see if I had a bruise. There it was purple and ugly. I pulled out my concealer and tried to hide it and my pain. I looked into the mirror, my short brown hair looked dirty. My cheeks were pulled in because I was starving myself.
“Camilla,” father yelled, “come get me another beer!” “Coming!” I responded. He just stared as I walked into the room as if I wasn’t welcome. In my room after our little chat, I wondered what if I ran away, somewhere he would never find me, I could be safe for once in my life. I was laying on the bed, thinking about the secrets I have found about my parents over the years.

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477 days ago
Awesome Book!!! Add more chapters please!!!🥇
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this was really good!! please continue :D
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Why does chapter 10 only have two letters--Kk?
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Nice job. This was pretty good.
1553 days ago
I added 2 more chapters!!!!!Xoxo, Katt Lane
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Yes of course I'll finish. But, When three people are making a book together it takes forever!
And Thanks to Novation for commenting
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Really great story! Could you finish it please?
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oh they made it!!💜💜💜
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And out of nowhere, a comment!
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