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Why did it happen to me?

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The story of Katt James About a young girl in middle School

Hi my name is Katt James and middle school is my kingdom. My boyfriend is my king well sort of more like a crush who I am about 0.5% sure likes me back! My best friend, Bella is always here for me no matter how mad I make her day to day.

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1557 days ago
Is this a true story if so I am very sorry
1557 days ago
Omg I can relate with the whole rejection thing 😢😢
1590 days ago
More Chapters Coming Soonnnn!!
1691 days ago
This was a great story. :)
1767 days ago
Thank you Meghan I really love comments from people! I am only 13 and I feel like my books are really reaching to people and I just want to tell you all, Thank you so much I love you all Please If you ever want to talk to me email me I promise I'll get back to you within a week.
1773 days ago
I mean for the werewolf part at the end it's actually WereWolf ima talking about my comment
1773 days ago
I love this story! Can you please visit my test called How To Know You Are A Werewolf
1780 days ago
I love it your books always make me smile